Two Bands, One Unforgettable Evening

By: Nadia D.

Feb 07 2016

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Photo totally ripped from Paper Tiger’s Facebook page

Last night was the perfect evening to huddle up with fellow music lovers and get down with Lower Dens and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. It was brutally cold outside — waiting in line is a rite of passage, friends — and you only had the privilege of getting warm if you were fully immersed in the atmosphere inside. You could cut the energy with a knife.

You guys… they turned people away because all the cool kids showed up, and there was no room left for jerky jerks who doubted what the show had in store.
*Your loss, jerky jerks.

BTW, The Paper Tiger is doing God’s work here in the 210. Perfect venue. Intimate, stylish but understated, just-trendy-enough cocktails at great prices, AND SHOWS LIKE THIS FOR A STEAL! Srsly, the tix last night were $15 presale, $18-something at the door. Are you fxcking kidding me? #BLESSED Check out their fxckingamazing lineup:

I made poor attempts to take video, mainly because I honestly could not stop moving with UMO’s groove once they took the stage, so I’ve got a couple I can share, but don’t blame me for poor quality. IJS.

I’d just gotten through the line and was waiting on my drink when Lower Dens’ breakout hit “To Die in L.A.” starts playing. Because, you know, Universe has a sense of humor. Here is my shitty clip. And then peep the video because the very Dorian Gray-esque themed shoot featuring a Debbie Harry/Courtney Love hybrid is mesmerizing. And lead-singer Jana Hunter is at her creepy finest.

**Speaking of Jana, I highly recommend you read the essay she wrote on misogyny in music and being comfortable in your own skin. Inspired. (Link here.)

And can we talk about this insane vocal tone we’re getting at a LIVE show, people? Like, I’m fully convinced that Jana was all about some altered states last night, but whatever level she was on worked for me.
In fact, she closed the set breaking it down a capella style and SLAYYYYED, whether you understood what she was singing or not. That’s a talent right there, y’all. (Bonus: she’s originally from Texas. †zing!)

And do I NEED to introduce Unknown Mortal Orchestra? Do I really? Because if you’re into legit tunes and top notch musicianship (which you should be, motherfxcker), you already know who they are. Their soul and funk flow through the damn speakers and hit you square in the pit of your stomach. Then you just GOTTA move. Which I did. A bunch. While filming.

If you get motion sickness, 1) take a Dramamine and get over it OR 2) don’t watch, just listen. I personally recommend the latter.

How does that voice not send you into euphoria? Their musical abilities just make me want to weep, and I am not exaggerating. I’m listening to the clip as I type, and I literally have tears in my eyes. Holy fxck. And, indeed, nearly every track performed came complete with a solo and/or jam session in the middle or at the end. Talent.
It’s performances like these that inspire and convince me, more and more, that music is my life’s greatest passion. More on that in a bit.

AND their second encore tune. I didn’t allow YouTube to bastardize my shaky videography, y’all. FEEL THAT ENERGY THROUGH YOUR SCREEN. FEEL. IT. 
After this, some chick crowd-surfed, a couple people got up on other peoples’ shoulders. It was nuts. And you missed it, loser.

AND LAST, but certainly not least, allow me to share an official video of one of my favorite songs from UMO, highlighting their impeccable harmonies and nirvana-like vibes. (Not that Nirvana.)


What I REALLY want to touch on here is how much beauty is contained in music, and how it calms me. This blog takes work.  Music takes none. srsly, uploading these videos while remaining focused took an act of God

That being said, I’ll be following my bliss and moving operations to the Pacific Northwest later this year! I am BEYOND excited to indulge my creative mind and fully immerse myself in music culture, production, and performance. (Details will be revealed in the coming months.)

In the interim, expect my same erratic posting non-schedule, and keep sending me submissions! ESPECIALLY if you’re local. I want to get in as many posts as possible while still in the San Antonio area, and I will as inspiration hits. In fact! I met a few amazing people last night with whom I’d like to collaborate. Maybe you’ll see something soon…? 😉 Keep an eye out!

Til next time, bishes. ♥

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