The Return: A More Mindful Maven

By: Nadia D.

Sep 10 2021

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//so it’s been four-and-a-half years!
//welcome, or welcome back, whatever the case may be.

I wrote my last entry at a time when I was new to travel nursing, about 5 months shy of starting to graduate school, and I’d barely scratching the surface on a journey to self-discovery that no one could have ever seen coming. In the time that followed, the job, the drama, and the adventure absolutely consumed me! It seems that my last entry was prophetic, on some level, heralding my Ego Death/Dark Night of the Soul.

But writing about music and processing the way it makes me feel has been missing from my life in a big, BIG way. No longer quite the cocky little shit I once was, mainly focused on the hype, the new, the unheard — I come back humbled and ready with a more nuanced ear, and a fuller range of emotions through which to synthesize my musings.

That all being said, this first post back is kind of a brain dump. My ideas are nebulous, but forming.

We’ll see how this all goes from here on in!

Since I’m feeling nostalgic today, I’m attaching a thoroughly nostalgic 80s playlist. And fuck if I can’t embed the playlist, but whatever.

This is where we start again.

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