Piss off 2015… and I Love You, David Bowie.

So you didn’t get a 2015 year-end wrap up from me. Know why?

2015 SUCKED!

Tame Impala won album of the year from me, with honorable mentions for Grimes and The Weeknd (at least the first half of his album), and everyone else was underwhelming, and I didn’t fxcking feel like tasking myself with writing about poorly finished albums that I care nothing about. Period.

You’re welcome for saving you the lackluster read.

Now, onto important matters:

My boy J57’s album dropped today! Y’all know him as my dope ass producer crush, but he actually raps on this installment, released via his label FiveSeven Music! It’s free to stream, free to download, free to love. So love it and leave feedback. Kthx.

And now… The pink elephant in the room. Or Blackstar elephant. That’s not a thing. But it’s huge, it’s glaring, it’s depressing… Our Duke has died.


David Bowie: the fearless pioneer of being true to oneself, pushing the boundaries, doing it first, and getting it right the first time. Our Golbin King. Our Thin, White Duke. Our icon and modern day legend… he left us a gift before passing away just over a week ago.

His masterpiece. Buy it. Listen.
(Spotify isn’t sharing. I ain’t even mad at it.)

released 8 January 2016

  1. Blackstar – There is nothing comparable to this, do you understand me? It’s vaguely reminiscent of Radiohead, and yet he does fxcking Radiohead better than Radiohead does Radiohead. He does fxcking Kenny G better than Kenny G does Kenny G. The style transitions within the track itself are FLAWLESS. Even the deliberately dissonant, fairly jarring background declarations of “I’m a Blackstar” (etc.) are so damn perfectly executed… Easily my favorite track of the entire album in spite of the length, which normally would have my ADD working overtime. Glorious.
  2. ‘Tis a Pity She Was a Whore – Can this man ever go wrong? I mean, seriously, this then-68 year old man penned this oddly nostalgic, yet of-the-minute sounds, only to be recognized for his ability to harness his genius more so posthumously than when he was alive… and he was already a living, breathing, walking legend WELL before releasing this, his 28th studio record. WHO ISN’T LOVING HOW CHEEKY THIS BASTARD WAS LISTENING TO THIS?!
  3. Lazarus – If you’re not just straight up bawling with me hearing all of this foreshadowing, then fxck you. That is all.
  4. Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) – Ever the rock star, I am vibing on these guitar riffs, y’all! But wait! You hear that omnipresent sax, don’t you?! Such mad respect for any and all who incorporate traditional jazz instruments into, like, one of their studio tracks, and Bowie remained SO true to his lifelong love of all things jazz, soul, R&B, and Philly that he found a way to honor these passions in every single track, in some form or fashion. LEARN from him, young’uns.
  5. Girl Loves Me – That transition, tho! ♥ If I had to choose a second best track of this genius-on-the-whole album, it would be this. “Who the fxck’s gonna mess with me?” Man, homeboy called us all out! Literally no one else on the planet has the repetoire or reputation to pull off this kind of swag, do you understand me? Respect where respect is due.
  6. Dollar Days – Unspeakably beautiful. If you have the capability, crank this up and allow yourself to be enveloped while you drive one day. REALLY listen to its poetry, mind you. That’s important. I hear all genres from the 1960s to the 2010s contained in here… can you hear ’em?
  7. I Can’t Give Everything Away – Again, so many tears. His exit song. But he did give everything, do you see? He lived and breathed his art, and here is heart poured out in song-form. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking. When you have a bad day, this is the track to turn to. When you have a great day, this track is here to keep you grounded. Don’t take it for granted. ∞

FINAL THOUGHTS: All there is to say has already been said. There have been countless tributes posted, spanning from the 8th when this album dropped on David Bowie’s 69th birthday, to the day of his death, a mere 2 days later, through the rest of the week, and I see no signs of slowing in the coming weeks, either. This is Bowie’s ONLY album (out of 28!) to have reached number on the Billboard charts in the States, which is ironically confirmatory of his aversion to music awards like the Grammy’s.
There’s nothing to rate here, people. Let’s be serious. The album is perfection, and a truly touching, appropriate note to bow out on. Rest well, Sweet Duke. ♥♥♥♥♥


Oh! And here are a few more from my Bowie tribute makeup look and shoot my girls and I mustered up over the weekend. We had a little too much fun putting it together, but the feels are so, so real. My face is appropriately somber on purpose. I only hope we did him justice!

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