musicXtherapy Series: Chrysalis, Pt. 2

One of the vinyl-repurposed birds from the “Burst” exhibit that ran at the McNay. Artist: Paul Villinski. Say hello to one of the best Blondie records ever. And it just so happens to be the name of this series. WHAAAA?!



What up, music lovin’ bishes?! Time for another playlist, a bit of a update, and a whole lotta sass, courtesy of Yours Truly. You’re welcome.

First thing’s first: UPDATES!

I am no longer in Partial Hospitalization for my eating disorder (I’m calling him FRED = Fxcking Raging Eating Disorder… shoutout to my individual therapist for that badass nickname, because ED sucks dick.)!!!!!!! I was dropped down to what’s called Intensive Outpatient last week, which basically means I have a part time job there now instead of full-time.

Or, internship. Because I don’t get paid.

But it’s worse than a fxking internship because that money’s coming from somewhere to pay for it! UGH.


This playlist (and intro to the playlist) is MUCH more fun, MUCH more expeditious, and requires MUCH less emotion. You may HAVE emotions about it, but that’s not my doing. IJS.

I’m going through this period of my life where I’m actually experiencing more of my own personality… learning to appreciate who I am and what I have to offer and what values are the most important to honor.

In this process I have often wondered what it is to be truly happy, and if what I am experiencing is true happiness. I honestly don’t recall a time in my life when I actually HAVE felt happiness! (Isn’t that depressing?!) But let me be clear: I’m having fun with it.
I have attracted some of the most beautiful souls into my bubble, and I am SO grateful. In fact, I just met a woman, whom I shall immortalize in words, named Letty O’Brien. Seriously, God bless her soul. She had such an amazing spirit. She was 75, I met her in the hallway at my treatment facility (which houses other offices ‘n’ such) when she dropped her keys, I complimented her (AMAZING) linen pants, and she proceeded to tell me her life story in a nutshell.

DO NOT discredit chance or one-time encounters. Every single interaction with every single human being you come into contact with has something to offer you, good, bad, or otherwise. Take note. Cherish those moments.

Playlist Time.


Elliot Moss – “Slip (Hippie Sabotage Remix)”
Y’all remember Hippie Sabotage? They did the BEST EVER remix of Tove Lo’s (now WAAAAAYYYYYY fxking overplayed) “Habits” and I was ALL about it. Anytime I see something I’m familiar with I get curious, and sometimes they deliver in the way I expect, and other times I’m massively disappointed. This time I was pleasantly surprised. Elliot Moss is new to me (even though the album I’m working through was dropped at the end of last year) and I DIG HIM. The original track has been on repeat in my car for the past few weeks, y’all. And now this?! Definitely gon’ be overplayed in MY world. How ’bout in yours? (Take note of those last few 39 seconds, guys. OMGAHHHHHHHH #eargasm)

Elliot Moss – “Best Light”
You may have seen that I shared a bit o’ this on my Insta! What did I tell you? It got sooooo much better after that lameass iTunes sample I got to cut from. I mean, DAMN. Sex in bass form. His voice is paired perfectly. Story is solid. I’m in love.

Mansionair – “Hold Me Down”
REPPIN’ CHVRCHES’ LABEL, Goodbye Records, SAY HELLO TO MANSIONAIR! These (3) guys just released his first LP back in October 2014, and they’ve already got a new EP out? Workaholics! (I’m just jealous. I wish I had that tenacity sometimes.) DIGGIN’ on this track. Those vocals, those basslines, the sheer infecitousness of it all… it’ll get stuck in your head, but you won’t mind, because you’re gonna share this track (and my BLOG, FXCKERS! Used only as a term of endearment, I assure you…) with ALL yo’ franz, and it’s gonna be chill out party. I saved your come down phase just now. You should thank me.

CHVRCHES – “Leave a Trace”
Speaking of CHVRCHES………………. NEW ALBUM DROPS 25 SEPTEMBER 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I feel like I’ve come full-circle. The Bones of What You Believe was the first album I reviewed back in October 2013, right after ACL, when I decided to start this insane journey. It’s been slow as far as followers, I don’t know who all’s benefitting, but I’m gonna keep doing this shit because it makes me fxkin’ happy AF, and bands like CHVRCHES are the reason why. When I reviewed them they were bursting onto the scene. The people who know took note. Then they BLEW. THE FXCK. UP. This new track boasts SO much maturity and SO much dark beauty it’s insane. Download it and bump. this.

Tony Allen – “Go Back (ft. Damon Albarn)”
Damon Albarn we know, and we know well. Solo projects, GORILLAZ… That voice is ubiquitous with INCREDIBLE happenings, and this track is NO exception, as Damon collabos with new-to-me Tony Allen. Now, Tony Allen is not NEW, by any means! He’s been creating and living the dream since 1960. He’s Nigerian, he bangs mad percussion, I’m all about it. Spectacular pair, these guys. So reminiscent of very cool, almost big-band-like jazz. Can you dig it?!

Shura – “White Light”
Right off the bat I thought of Madonna’s “Holiday”. Anyone??? Her voice is so not Madonna, but this 80s synth-pop is vibin’. Nothing spectacular, tbh, but I think it’s fun, so I included it. GTFOI.

Shamir – “Call It Off”
SHAAMIIIIIIIR! Ugh, we’d be besties IRL. I guarantee. His fierceness gives me life. I don’t have to say jack shit more about it.

Jamie xx – “Gosh”
Look, I know this album has been out since the end of May, but LET’S BE HONEST: dis shit go hard. I just never tire of this man’s vision, and I am even aware of how young he is… but that brain belongs to a man, ya hurr? Genius turns me on. This song would be baller to get down to, if you know what I’m sayin’ 😉

Son Lux – “You Don’t Know Me”
Ok, can we talk about this dude’s voice? Like, can we talk about it? I’m in love! What a tone… so unique! I’ve featured the shit out of some Sisyphus (peep it here), and the level of artistry is not lacking without his bandmates. I dig it. Ryan, do you, bruh.

Springtime Carnivore – “Sun Went Black”
Here’s another hot babe I’ve featured before. She’s just so fun! Her EP dropped back in November of last year, so if you don’t have it, DEFINITELY drop a couple bucks to own it. What pain in this jam, too. Support her.

The Internet – “Girl (prod. Kaytranada)”
I see, you, Kaytranada. I mean… YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS. Do you hear how clean this shit is?!?!?! All the fxck over this, y’all. Women, know your fxckin’ worth. What a positive, PRIDEful message, and delivered in such fashionable media. and do not discount the switch at 5:20. Bad Bishes, bump this track getting ready, jammin’ in the car on the way out, MAKE IT A THING.

boxedin – “Mystery”
HOW FUN IS THIS TRACK?! How legit adorable is this band?! Harmonies on point, fabulous groove… be on them. These guys are gonna be huge. Very Jagwar Ma. Granted, boxedin’s debut shit dropped back in January of this year, but I give no fxcks if I’m a little late. The music world has taken note, and rightfully so.

Small Black – “Boys Life”
No words, man. So good. Best Blues drops 16 October 2015. Scoop it up.

DJ Mustard – “Why’d You Call? (ft. Ty$ & Makonnen)”
Ok, so this is just for fun. It’s not like it’s spectacular, but Makonnen (ILoveMakonnen) is having his moment with his release of “Tuesday” in collabo with Drake… but if this shit came bumpin’ over some speakers, and there’s a dancefloor, I’ma be all over that bitch like nobody’s biznass. I know you would, too.

EL VY – “Return to the Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, with Crescendo)”
So, I’ve geeked out over the National on here before, haven’t I? I don’t remember, tbh. But who gives a fxck, I’m talking about them NOW! Matt Berninger’s voice is incomparable, and I LOVE how playful this project is allowing him to be. If their entire debut is like this, I won’t ever take it off rotation. Single dropped 5 August 2015. iTunes or Spotify it up… because TIDAL is shit. (I said it!)

THOUGHTS?! COMMENTS?! QUESTIONS?! DEATH THREATS?! Send ’em to, comment below, or find me on Soundcloud. Til next time! ♥


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