Support Lower Dens in rebuilding after their gear was stolen

By: Nadia D.

Feb 09 2016

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My post on Sunday was published just minutes before I learned a few scumbags from my beloved San Antonio decided to steal Lower Dens’s touring van, effectively placing the entire latter half of their tour in jeopardy.

Today the van was found, but less some gear, all of the band’s FOOD AND WATER, their laptops, and personal effects. 

This is deplorable.

While I try (REALLY hard) never to fully condemn people without knowing their circumstances, the actions taken by these individuals are not to be glossed over, and have tainted our city’s continued musical growth. How many artists, honestly, are going to be eager to come and perform here, knowing they are not respected?

As a budding producer and longtime performer, knowing the value these items hold for artists, both monetary and symbolically, my heart is with every member of the band at this time. It is our duty as a musical community to support Lower Dens’s as they rebuild and push forward. Please consider contributing anything you can to their fundraising efforts and/or share THIS LINK.

Musically Yours, The Maven ❤️ 

Photo courtesy of @lowerdens Twitter

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