Do You Fear Death?

By: Nadia D.

Mar 26 2017

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Logo by Zack Broussard; IG @pixel.fiction. He’s a goddamn miracle worker.

This isn’t a music-driven post. It’s a post about passion, sure, but there is no music which I will be featuring.

This is a discussion on analysis-paralysis. This is an exploration of what keeps people from living into their truths and abstaining from pleasure in favor of pain. What exactly is it about suffering that makes it sexy enough to abandon the pursuit of happiness?


⇒ Naturally, y’all might be wondering why I’m waxing philosophic in the face of not having posted about actual music… you know, this blog’s entire fxcking purpose… in literal MONTHS.

Let’s just say: it’s all there. New playlists, artist interviews and in-depth analyses, as well as relevant philosophical posts pertaining to music. It’s. All. There. But I haven’t been.


When an artist of any discipline is stuck in a place of deep longing and desire to deliver at every turn, analysis-paralysis not only becomes a thing, but a source of immense discontent. This is a snowball-effect phenomenon. It continues to build upon itself in painfully obvious ways. I’ve been irritable, I’ve been emotional, I’ve been avoidant. I’ve completely avoided delving deep into the music world for fear of saying the wrong thing or not devoting myself completely to my craft.

*if it seems as though I’m taking this far too seriously, I’m going to blame it on the rum I’ve been drinking. rum has definitely been involved.

So… death. WHY death?

When fear is removed from the picture, with death being the ultimate catastrophe a physical form endures, one is free from fear of lesser, social catastrophes. It is easier to open oneself to rejection or social ridicule, or poverty and uncertainty. Creativity is even often borne of emotional instability or social anxiety or abject failure! So this message comes with not a lesson, but a challenge!


Sitting there, slack-jawed and wondering what in the actual fxck this rando “music” blogger is ranting and raving about — WHEN was the last time you decided to lean into your passion projects 100%?

Have you ever?

Will you ever?

Are you compelled to now because I’m calling you out on your bullshit?

Because I know I’m all-in now. Not having written about my first love in months… and months… and months… has left me filled with anxiety and sadness and shame. I am motivated to begin delivering the most badass content I can find, and to do so unapologetically. Even if you, could-be musical maven, don’t approve. Your tastes are not mine, and my tastes are rock solid whether you like it or not.

But you need to do something for me in return!


You need to take up your cross and bear it, homie. Go balls-deep with your passion project, no fxcks given, and share it with me. Email it to

I’m eager to see what you come up with.

Your Friendly, Neighborhood Maven ♥

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