New Beginnings

By: Nadia D.

Jun 09 2016

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photog: Daniella Gibson, MUA: CHACHA Face Chanel Singleton, San Antonio, TX, April 2016.So, I moved to NYC! I figured, what the hell, what do I have to lose? (And everything to gain!)

NOW… I’ve found the best way for me to discover new newness is during walks. Driving here sucks, so everyone here walks a shitton! It’s reeeeeedic compared to San Antonio, but it counteracts all that pizza. 😉 (For serious, San Antonians would only stand to benefit from a more walkable community what with all those TACOS, but who asked me? lol)
It’s been quite the transition, and while my playlists generally lack continuity, I have to say this round definitely reflects how I’m feeling about it!

It’s important to note before I continue: this blog is for fun, and my Maven “alter ego” is certainly a blast to channel and work through. BUT! Don’t take anything I post too seriously, other than the music, because that shit speaks for itself.

The inspiration of being in a new locale is the biznass, y’all. I HIGHLY recommend it. Without further adieu, allow me to introduce ALL the emotions via Soundcloud innovators. ♥

Infinity – “Check Me Out (RaRiTiEs Edit)”
According to RaRiTiEs’ (rare-80s) Soundcloud, the original Infinity track was released by Rota Enterprises in 1981. The geniuses over at RaRiTiEs decided to amp this shit up to 1000, and have shared it with the world. Nothing like some mad happy, funky ass groovin’ (heavy on slappin’ da bass I totes went there) to get you in that good feelin’ vibe. download it for free!

Knxwledge – asH°KΔ/jΔM.FR°ZE
Welcome to the world of Glen Boothe, my friends. Experimental trip hop to get those creative juices flowin’… y’all know I’m big on timing, and my only criticism of this track is that I wish it were longer. Weird, huh? Follow his Bandcamp here.

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier and Grischa Lichtenberger – “CRT Creeper (Low Jack Remix)”
Since moving is an experiment, here’s some truly hardcore experimental for you to get lost in. I don’t know much about this duo, but their collaboration CSLM drops tomorrow on Cosmo Rhythmatic. I dunno about you, but I’m all over it. Feels like a crossover between HEALTH and Crystal Castles on bath salts. (Wait, are those a thing anymore?) FYAHHHH!

Noah Slee – “Nver (prod. KitschKrieg)”
This homeboy apparently wrote and recorded this on the same. day. I’m absolutely in love with this track. KitschKrieg kept the rawness and the sadness contained in the vocals and let that dissonance work for the feel of the track. Deliberately underworked. It’s perfect in its imperfection, which is precisely what the lyrics allude to. Fxcking brilliant.

pacific heights – “So Love (ft. Shaan Singh)”
Real instrumentation (by mastermind Devin Abrams) drew me in, the lofty vocals of Shaan Singh, beautiful lyrics, and driving bassline kept me there, and the chorus drop at 1:50 had me fxcking hooked. This is a complex and beautifully composed piece, and has every element I’ve ever wanted. The Stillness dropped 27 May 2016. Get it now!

WALLACE – “Is It You? (prod. Kraak & Smaak)”
Another one of those tracks that just hits you in your soul. Legit instrumentation played against some beautiful beats, fxcking phenomenal vocals by WALLACE, and it’s all so expertly composed. You’re left satisfied. Everything you ever wanted is coming from Australia and NZ, y’all.

MOGLEBAUM – “Raindrops”
Ready for me to eat my words? Because I am. lol 5 talented AF musicians from Cologne and Düsseldorf have also delivered some pretty powerful energy on this track. More instrumentation (it’s so rare these days, but hear the value in it!), authentic vocal ability…  less-than-stellar lyrics, but who gives a shit when it all comes together in a playful, covetable package? Shoutout to those sax players. Y’all the real MVP. ♦

Jordan Rakei – “Blame It On the Youth”
You’re gonna wanna know this kid, y’all! Good shit. I was drawn to it because of the fun vibe, but listen to those lyrics and hear J. spit some truth! Then, separate yourself and fathom: this kid produced, provided vocals, keyboards, synth, AND FX. THEN appreciate Matt Luff’s sax. THEN go hard in and notice how seamlessly Imraan Paleker’s guitar accents every nuance without overpowering the groove. Lovely collabo. Stream and download Jordan’s debut album Cloak here.

XO – “Divine Disaster (ft. James Chatburn)”
I hope I’m not the only one who’s rooting for this kid to avoid a lawsuit from The Weeknd, but something tells me the differentiation is pronounced enough that he will. (Damn, I’m funny!) Had to wind this ‘list down on a high note! How fun is this track?! Makes me wanna get up and dance RIGHTNOW. I won’t, since I’m still typing, pero I definitely bobbed a bit during my walk. IDGAF who saw me! (Another one of those beautiful things about NYC) ♥

The Aware Wolves – “13 Ghosts & How I Lost My Mind”
Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention blog favorite J57’s new collaboration with Thomas Phenomas as The Aware Wolves. Thomas Phemonas’s material is still new to me, but I have a feeling this group is one to watch. This track just dropped yesterday, is available for download NOW on Soundcloud FREEEEE (get it while it’s hot!), and it’s fxckin’ sick. The fact that they made pop electronica, hip hop, screamcore, experimental, classical, and thoughtful lyrics not only fit into one track, but exceed expectations of what that would sound like… Genius. (Oh, but… apparently they hate Jared Leto? -___-)

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