First SXSW Experience, and Meeting Him!

By: Nadia D.

Mar 20 2016

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So what’s a Maven to do when she gets word that her fave underground producer (and future-ex-husband, let’s be serious) is playing a show that’s not even 2 hours away?

She hightails it, and makes sure to look fly.

Dammit, I love living so close to SXSW. But would you believe I’d never been before this year??? But it just so happened to work out perfectly this time. Destiny, or whatever. (Joking, obvs.)

My girl and I roadtripped it and ended up making it to The Market just as the show was getting ready to kick off. It was humid AF, but the rooftop afforded us just enough breeze to be comfortable… and the rooftop bartender was a killer blend of charming and generous with his pours. *Whoever you are, you are the shit. Thank you.*

I got some real shaky ass video, but my cinematography skills are NOT on trial here, mmk? The audio I aimed to capture is there, so check out a few of them below.

I’m gonna make this commentary part sorta brief, but the rundown is: If you weren’t at this rooftop jam session — that’s the level of friendly you felt with these artists after a while… like we were all just jammin’ at the end of the night… everyone was nice AF — YOU. MISSED. OUT. Best party of the night, was THE place to be, hands down.

*Mind you, that became glaringly apparent after I left the party with my girl and this cool guy from Portland, didn’t get to hang with J (despite ALL o’ dis fangirling, dammit, lol), and ended up limping and needing a pedicab back to my vehicle, sober and cold AF. haha
Truly, I still had the time of my life, but I was much more comfortable at HypeFresh X FiveSeven Music’s showcase at The Market, and it ended much too soon. Bravo. ♥

Beats. *swoon*

It ain’t easy being the first artist out the gate, and Justin killed it. His energy was damn high. (To be 21 again HA!) If you hear his story, it makes his performance just that much more impressive. Check him out. IG: @justin_clancy

El Gant’s a fxckin’ beast. I don’t need to say anything else.

Don’t act like you’re surprised to this man switchin’ up his game. DJ Starscream had some mad energy, spit some truth, and basically looked like this was any other day for him. “Just gon’ murder some bars, NBD.” Show off. *insert sassy give no fxcks emoji here*

Mike’s so damn charismatic and shit, I had to feature two of his videos. (One of the few I took more than one video of, tbh, and I swear it wasn’t personal lol) But that’s a presence, y’all. I could listen to and watch Mike live for dayzzzzz. Nice AF just chillin’, too.

This musician, risking his instrument on the rooftop on a rainy day, all for the love of music and performing. Noah, you’re real shit. Respect.

F. Virtue straight. up. KILLED his shit. True original. Download his entire catalogue, and watch this guy blow up in the next couple years.

Do you not see how damn dedicated these artists are? How much fun we had just chillin’ on the same rooftop together, listening to Mean Joseph, Mike Two, and J57 WHILE RISKING BEING ELECTROCUTED? lol Nothing quite like being around a bunch of souls who share that passion. Good vibez for dayz.

This right here. The show may have been winding down, but energy was at an all-time high. Koncept, tho, that main event. That’s all she wrote.

… and again, the ONLY reason it isn’t 5 is because I’m being a girl about not getting to hang with J, ha! (Has he filed that damn restraining order yet? Yikes! 😉  ♥

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