Meet the Maven

Maven: an expert or connoisseur.

Welcome! Musically Modern Maven is a passion project spearheaded by San Antonio, Texan, Nadia Dominique. That’s me! 😉

Here you’ll find heavy exploration of the unique, ahead-of-the-curve, one-of-a-kind sounds that will end up having staying power and/or a cult following, as well as time-honored, honest-to-God musicianship.

In the early years, this was approached in a characterized, sometimes arrogant manner. Moving forward, as my perspective evolves, I’ll be utilizing a much more academic, philosophical tone. Quality is beating out quantity. My posts may be few and far-between, but they’ll be worth the read, and that benefits me as I maintain my current career and expand my endeavors with my newest project, Nadia the Nomad, and you, as my posts will be more substantive and insightful.

Songs>albums. But note: I do album reviews because I still believe there are some artists, somewhere out there, that can and do capitalize on this precious and lost art to extraordinary outcomes. Tell the story.

Cat lady.

Lover of all things odd and artistic.

Support local.

Have questions? Ask away. Music suggestions? BY ALL MEANS!

Instagram: @musicallymodernmaven
Twitter: @triplemblog


4 comments on “Meet the Maven”

  1. Trying to attract the boys with that image? 🙂 You’ve got a nice settup here. Good colors. I’ve found that earthy colors tend to be very good on the eyes, which you want to help make a blog readable. The text is a good color (that’s a problem with a lot of themes) and I like the option highlighting brightness (when you choose an option, some themes make the selection color kind of jumpy. It can detract from the actual words. That’s better for focusing on visuals—then you can match your blog up with color schemes, and it works great. The text is a little small but it’s still readable. Overall, I’d say you’re going strong. Of course, that’s coming from a blogger of nine months. That’s a lot of months, but I’ve been corrected by bloggers of years. This is all from my experience. That’s good, but other people have different tastes. Blog on! 🙂

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