Michael Lawry X DGP X The Maven, 2015. Shot at The Historic Pearl, SA, TX.//

It’s time for new mess.


DJ JS-1 (ft. Murs, Fashawn, & Akie Bermiss) – “Whatever It Takes (J57 Remix)”
(Listen to the original here) My main producer man is at it again! The original is LEGIT, but this is a complete rework, and it is SIK! Add it to your (now defunct) New Year’s workout plan playlist, and feel rejuvenated while you (don’t) lift heavy shit. (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Tei Shi – “Bassically”
This progessively-louder track is CREAM. Her voice is Sade-like in quality and calm, but that production is pure modern. When it hits that fever pitch it’s impossible not to let your eyes roll back in their sockets, y’all. (Released 5 Oct 2014)

Marina and the Diamonds X Oliver Nelson – “Froot”
Marina is a goddess on her own, and to have Oliver remix this insanity is pure dance. Marina’s new album FROOT drops 6 April 2015, but if you pre-order through iTunes, she is progressively releasing new tracks as the full release approaches! Tracks released to-date: Happy, Froot, I’m a Ruin, and Immortal. ♥

RAC – “Dreams (ft. Pink Feathers – Cranberries cover)”
Remember The Cranberries? That crazy-awesome ’90s outfit that beguiled us with their incredible harmonies, glass-shattering soprano, and impressive yodeling? So, the Remix Artist Collective (RAC, DUH!) decided to enlist Pink Feathers to reimagine this highlight of an era gone by for today’s ears. What are your thoughts? Does it work? Personally, I’m not a fan of the sweet feature, it’s not hard enough or interesting enough to actually hold my attention. I long for the edgy vocals of Dolores O’Riordan. BUT, since it’s hitting the nostalgia mark for me, here it is. (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Dan Deacon – “Feel the Lightning”
This Ginger-bearded dude has been around for several years and has a solid fan base (after 8 albums, one would hope so!), but I feel like this could be it for him. Blow him up. Dude has even invited the masses to remix and splice his track, and he’s posted all the “stem groups” on his Soundcloud page to be played with. I. Love. Him. Play the f*ck out of this otherwise, because it’s dope. Album drops 24 February 2015. (FREE DOWNLOAD)

JUDE. – “Drive”
Very ’80s synth-ballad awesomeness. Download this track at their Bandcamp page, and name your price! JUDE. is comprised of Kevin James Neal and Sydney Morris out of West Palm Beach, FL. Newcomers, and they are killing it. (Released 18 December 2014)

Walk the Moon – “Shut Up and Dance”
If you’ve not already hoarded it in your iTunes, buy this album IMMEDIATELY. I love love love me some Walk the Moon (remember one of my very first posts?! Their intimate ACL session at Vuka, ATX was INSANE!) This track should just be everywhere in a few months. Commercials, Dancing With The Stars, you name it! Keep an ear out. (Talking is Hard released 28 November 2014)

Viet Cong – “Silhouettes”
This fairly new band has released their second studio album in as many years on 20 January 2015, or, as we’ve established, 2015’s Music Super Tuesday. This track is KILLER. Reminds me of a mix of: Depeche Mode, She Wants Revenge, and Billy Idol. (edit) AND BLOC PARTY! 🙂 I need your thoughts on this, but mark my words: they. will. BLOWUP!

Kid XL – “Rewind”
Yet another Australian whiz kid (Sean Anthony) with a tremendous ear and talent. Apparently he records, mixes, and masters all his own shit. NBD. Follow him and spread him like wildfire.

Sosi – “this is the thing. (prod. Drip-133)”
I looooooooove finding new producers to get excited about. Drip-133 got me like whoa. Sosi, I’ve discovered, is a mysterious vocalist that I need to know more about. If you know anything, drop me a line. I GOTS TA KNOW!

Noble Oak – “Erase Me”
This is night driving music. The talk-all-night, watch-the-sunrise-on-the-beach kinda good. Non-pharmacological Xanax. Recommended after a long day, as tolerated. ♣

Iain Woods – “Smoke”
Off his debut album psychologist, which dropped 1 January 2015, Iain decided to lay this bish down. Wanna talk about a fusion of times past and today? THIS is soulful, jazzy, bluesy, progressive, modern, enchanting. Haunting. Gorgeous. How many pronouns can we use? How many is too many? I’ll stop. But seriously, buy this album. BUY. IT.

Future Islands – “Seasons (Waiting On You) (BADBADNOTGOOD Reimagination)”
THIS. thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis. If you haven’t heard the original, you can’t appreciate how amazing this rework is. BADBADNOTGOOD is slaying, y’all. Puttin’ it DOWN. They’ve successfully taken this track from Future Islands and changed its chord progression, its tempo, AND its feel without messing with the vocals. Wear this track down and out, then keep an ear out for BADBADNOTGOOD’s collabo with Ghostface Killah later this month. ♠

Bass Drum of Death – “For Blood”
Ever feel like I post the same type of music fairly frequently? (Well, we all have our preferences, doy) Yeah, this track should obliterate that. When was the last time you heard a truly good rock band? “Uhhhhhhh” ← Yep. This trio knows what they’re doing, and their style is pure. Their third studio album Rip This is out now on iTunes. Buy it nowwwww. (Released 7 October 2014)

HEEMS – “Sometimes”
Let’s not talk about how sad I am that Das Racist is no more… this track is legit, drama aside, man. Best with lots of bass, as HEEMS points out in the description of the video. (BUT you can’t go wrong just listening. You don’t need big speakers to know this is the ish) Bump it! EAT PRAY THUG drops 10 March 2015.

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2 comments on “Rad.”

  1. In the midst of all my goth/punk/industrial music leanings, I have a (secret) weakness for the Cranberries LOL

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