DGP Photography, 2013.

What up?!

Y’all miss me? I’ve missed you!

I’ve been terribly uninspired as of late, and the material being released has not helped. That’s not to say I haven’t found a few gems for you that I can share!
Also, I’ve started a music production and audio engineering program through the Recording Radio Film and Culinary Connection (RRFC) to put my $$$ where my mouth is… I’m going full-on producer, bishes! On top of school and work, my heiney has been BIZAY, and I don’t intend to slow down.

Keep your eyes peeled for an album review VERY soon, and enjoy this playlist in the meantime. ♥

Empress Of – “Standard”
I’m not even playin’, this chick is OFF the chain. (I’m bringin’ that shit back, btw. Just start using it again, mmk? #90s4ever) That pre-chorus is what got me “Tell me what you see…” — that unexpected, almost out-of-place chord progression is absolutely genius. This track is dark and lovely, just like the artist herself. Her debut album Me dropped 11 September 2015, and is ripe for the picking. Bonus: chick produced the entire thing herself. Inspiration. (The things I should have done when I was young.)

Saturn Pearls – “Buried”
I know nothing of this outfit other than they’re London-based. This was user-submitted to my Soundcloud, and I fell in love on first listen! I dig their mellow sound and interesting song progression. I have to wonder how long they’ve been together, because their style is surprisingly mature. Hope to feature more from them in the future! Keep an eye out 😉

vgav – “opia”
Preeeeeeeetty sure I stole this off a Blog Radio sesh on Sirius XMU. #NoShame Real talk, I pull a lot from Blog Radio because dudes have their shit together, and this track is a prime example of the seriously talented artists they feature. This house track in particular is rich and interesting and… well, it’s just fxckin’ deep, man. Cranked up on a cool night, windows down, driving… and it’s good times. I judge many a track by how lost I can get to it while driving… I highly recommend it. Just don’t die. Kthx.

ohslo – “where’s my money”
Speaking of Blog Radio, these next three tracks are ripped straight from a My Old Kentucky Blog show. Again, #NoShame. Dodge is careful to include a ton of background info on their featured artists, and taste is next level. ohslo describes their jams as “bedroom r&b for in bedrooms” on their Soundcloud, and I’d have to say gettin’ down to this would be worth it. A lightning-quick Google search tells me they hail from a place called Gronigan. If their output is this quality, who’s down to take a trip with me there? Pack your bags!

losernovas – “new balcony”
Ah, garage rock. There isn’t much I can find on whoever this is via Google search. (I Google fxcking everything, mmk?) All I know is this sound makes me wanna be a beanbag, garage rock groupie. It’s so good. I don’t need to say much more, do I?

VAZ – “Sunshine”
Their Soundcloud boasts Stockholm, but these sisters are actually from South Africa. We’ve gone from garage rock to sophisticated Afro-European fusion. It’s fxcking BRILLIANT. I have this track on repeat, y’all. Perfect for a day when you need a pick-me-up, but can’t stand to stomach Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocket Full Of Sunshine” or something equally as ototoxic.

Gilligan Moss – “Choreograph”
I went about a month thinking this guy’s first name was actually Gillian. Maven-Fail. Now that I know who he is, I’m all about him. His Ceremonial EP dropped 14 August 2015, and according to his Facebook, homeboy will be releasing a second EP sometime in the near future. I know I’m ready! As interesting as his mixes are, I hope you are, too.

Chaos Chaos – “Do You Feel It?”
With their distinctly 90s sound, apparently these two sisters from Seattle are also fans on Rick and Morty (their FB says so, mmk?) and that only makes me like them more. This track was released sometime last year, so I’m not on the up and up, but I’m glad I found them when I did! (ALSO according to their FB) They’re working on some new material, and as soon as I catch wind of it, you best believe I’ll pass it your way. Aren’t you sooooooo lucky to have me?! 😛

CLASSIXX – “wiw-16tp”
Um, I don’t know the story behind this track title, and IDGAF. Y’all should be familiar with CLASSIXX by now, and if you’re not, then just listen. There’s a reason they have a following.

Kita Alexander – “Like You Want To”
Infectious electro-indie-pop straight from Aussie ultra-babe Kita Alexander. Who needs a stage name when you’re a damn supermodel, FFS? Seriously, just Google her and be a creep all over her pics, I’m not even kidding. Like You Want To EP drops 27 November 2015, now available for pre-order.

Alex G – “Bug”
THIS bish is coming to the Paper Tiger in SATX in, like, A WEEK! I have been legit OBSESSED with this track for weeks, and I’m just now getting around to sharing it, and I have to apologize… BECAUSE IT’S SOOOOOO GOOD. Did anyone else see that shitty meth-head movie Bug starring Ashley Judd? It’s all I can think about when I hear this track, but it actually fits! Something about the early 90s grunge-alterna-rock vibe that just gets me right in the feels. It also reminds me of something you’d hear in a late-90s/early-2000s teen flick. Romance scene or something. Anyway, Beach Music dropped 9 October 2015, go buy it, and get your asses to the Paper Tiger to see this Philly kid LIVE! (Say hi!)

Glass Animals X Joey Basa$$ – “Lose Control”
How’s this for an assault on the senses? From Alex G to some hard ass gangsta shizz? Whaaaa?! But it’s Glass Animals (and some rapper I don’t know, but his flow be flyyyy), so of course I had to share!

Mizan. – “Looking For”
Let’s round out this playlist with some cool R&B stylings. Her voice is so rich, that tooooooone is enviable, and her style is modern R&B without the squeaks that FKA Twigs is so fond of. (You hear me, FKA Twigs? That shit just ain’t cute sometimes. And you aren’t R&B! But I still luff you.) Dark Blue EP is out 6 November 2015. You’d do well to pick it up.

Thoughts, questions, comments, hate mail? HMU on my Meet The Maven page, top right corner. ♥

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