FKA Twigs – bloops & bleeps.

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What can I say about this chick that most people DON’T know? I mean, dating Robert Pattinson has this lady under the microscope, which is weird. I don’t like mainstream people, mainstream crap. No. All the no.

So I struggle with these social things when it comes to FKA Twigs. I do.

Performance-wise and musically… man, she is one hell of an entertainer, and whoever her creative team is, there’s a touch o’ genius there. I admit it.


Her squeals and chirps and struggles to falsetto the fxck out of some of the notes she tries to hit MURDER. ME. 

So with this new EP out… yes, I was stoked because of her uniqueness. (And she is NOT R&B, do NOT let this bitch tell you otherwise, mmk?!) But I was apprehensive because I don’t need her summoning all the dogs in my neighborhood to my home whilst listening to her…

Let’s explore what happened!

released 13 August 2015

figure 8 – All o’ dis. Do you hear that bass, motherfxckers?! I like that she keeps her (squeaky) vocals somewhat in check, and even though I hate voice mods for true vocalists, since boo thang isn’t using her range, that voice mod at 1:37-ish just SLAAAAYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSS. Creativing all up in yo’ ears.

i’m your doll – Dis right hurr is another reason why I just love FKA Twigs so much that I can overlook some of these glaring red flags. Bitch OWNS her sexuality. She’s a little kinky, she’s a little crass… but she is undeniably sexy.

in time – First thing I noticed was that this jam sounds STRIKINGLY similar to Selah Sue’s “Time” (peep that here), but FKA Twigs ELEVATES the shit out of it. I ain’t even mad. I can hear this bumping ERRWHERE within the next coupla months. MARK. MY. WORDS.

glass & patron – I’m not harping on transitions here, since this is only an EP. That riff that you hear in the background is a straight up rip from Crystal Castle’s “Crimewave” — short thought on that: borrow, improve, and make it your own. She has perfected this art. I love how this track builds from mellow, pregaming, to bumpin’ bumpin’ for some high energy dancing. “Now hold that purse for me.” Bitch. I have to wonder how she and RPatz (I said it) get it on based on listening to this. I imagine some CRAY cray hi-jinx. Solid track.

mothercreep – Low, down, dirteh BAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I don’t even have much to say about this. Prime mothercreepin’ track, ya dig?

FINAL THOUGHTS: DOPE ASS EP. Yes. Did y’all notice that every track is listed in lowercase? That isn’t user error, bitch’s design team DID that. I need to some more research on her team, but whatever they’re doing is working for her. She’s gonna blow up. Believe it. ♦♦♦♦½/5.

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