Rowdy Radio presents: SolFest – Preview

UTSA’s Rowdy Radio presents the 1st Annual SolFest at Josabi’s this Saturday, 10 April 2015. $5 presale/$10 at the door.

I often feel quite guilty when I disappear for months at a time from the blogosphere. Then I remember: I’m in school, and I’m a full-time nurse. Therefore, I place half the blame on UTSA.

Luckily, one of the redeeming qualities of being a student is that there are plenty of networking, creative, and academically-counterproductive opportunities available to me at any given time. Rowdy Radio has saved me from covering a larger music-festival-which-shall-not-be-named (BUT I COVERED IT UNOFFICIALLY LAST YEAR WITH A GLOWING REVIEW) by offering up an eclectic, NEW festival.

Tastemakers, meet locally-sourced, hipster’s-dream, SolFest. (I heard them BEFORE they were famous!)

In the staff’s words, SolFest is: “… a sophisticated music event hosted to collaborate multi-genre artistry and radiate versatility of culture.”
They write like me when I’m putting my most intelligent foot forward. (Obvi I don’t do it that often…) Effective description. I’ll admit; I’m intrigued.

So this Maven did some digging! I haven’t heard of any of these artists previously. Let’s learn together, shall we? #TeamworkMakesTheDreamwork


This trio makes the much coveted first listing on the SolFest flyer. You know, because how visible you are on a bill is indicative of your buzzworthiness, as every festival expert these days knows, amiright? Let’s explore why!

Apparently these guys have been around for the past 8 years in a number of different formations (quartet, trio, duo, and back to trio) and are influenced by, what seems, a wide range of artists, eras, and styles. I’m interested to see what they do on stage!

The Hares

Listed second, but in equally-bold typeface, are the seemingly SoundCloud-averse group, The Hares.

The verdict? DAMMIT, I can’t wait to hear these guys live! How freakin’ FUN are they?! A lil Rockabilly never hurt no one. And that piano? I’m all ’bouts it.

From here I basically just chose a random artist to listen to next. Forget billing. Let’s just see what else this bill has to offer! Which brings us to…

Taylor Louis & The Legacy

Legit. I dig the production quality of this kid’s work something FIERCE, y’all. Soundcloud listings on his work boasts #J Dilla. If that shit’s true, I’m dying. No wonder, man. Listen for yourself.

Bring it.

King Gwap

Mad decent, reppin’ #PuroSanAntonio. Pretty much what I would expect. Nothing spectacular, but I ain’t mad at it.
For those who don’t know, “Gwap” = short for “guapo”, meaning handsome en Español. If this guy is mean-muggin’ on Saturday… I don’t know if I’ll be pissed, or embrace the irony.

To Every Enemy

Guys, I’m gonna be honest, here. I’m not into screamcore, but it’s totally associated with the San Antonio I know. I’ve included a track for balance and integrity, and I respect that these artists are doing what they do, but as far as commentary goes? I’d get myself banned from this thing so fast my head would pop off.

Chavis Hamilton

Man, this guy’s voice is butter. If I end up married after this festival, assume it’s this guy, k? (Just kidding. Don’t get your panties in a wad.)
I had to highlight a super-Texas song here. Nothing is more amazing in Texas in the springtime than seeing blankets of bluebonnets, so be jealous while you Google images of bluebonnet fields, you unfortunate out-of-State-rs.

The rest of this bill I was either unable to find via SoundCloud or Spotify, OR they were rap/hip-hop. Massively rap/hip-hop heavy bill.

Word to the wise, undiscovereds everywhere: not everyone is or can be a rapper/hip-hop superstar. I am REALLY hoping these guys bring their A-Game, and that a female rap artist pops up somewhere in the mix, too, because I am not looking to be bombarded by subpar flow. Dig?

As for RowdyRadio: thank you for working hard to expand the live music and music fest offerings in the 210. That shit ain’t easy.

Much respect, and I’ll see y’all there! Come say hi ♥

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