Shawn Smith Photography, ATX. Styling by Misty Mason – BleedGold. http://www.shawnsmith.photography/ http://www.xxbleedgoldxx.com/

We can talk about how hot I look after I rip your aural senses a new one. MASSIVE. FREAKING. PLAYLIST.

Fresh sounds for you to gift your friends.

Hot Chip – “Huarache Lights”
As one of my friends pointed out, Hot Chip are pronouncing “huarache” COMPLETELY wrong………… but this track is oh. so. right. New album “Why Make Sense?” drops 18 May 2015.

Ben Browning – “Make It Easy”
One-fifth of Cut Copy released this a few days ago on Soundcloud, just in time to make it onto summer beach and boating playlists. I can get stupid to this. So can you. Browning’s first full-length solo endeavor (“Turns”) due Stateside on 16 June 2015.

Chromatics – “I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around”
The Chromatics make me happy I’m considering moving to Portlandia Portland, OR. Their somehow-never-boring ethereal vocals and electronica groove combo is perfection. I suppose this album was supposed to be out… like… last month… then this month… and now no one really knows! But this should tide us all over until this misery business of waiting is quelled with the next release. (Mayyyyyyybe that will just be the full album? Ya hear me, Johnny Jewel???)

Porches – “Prism”
This band is new to me, and relatively new as an entity, having only released their premiere debut album back in 2013, and their most recent EP, “Ronald Paris House” in late 2014. The level of synth-sanity is apparent. Can you handle it??

Paul de Jong – “Auction Block”
Carles.Buzz has been playing the hell out of this on his SiriusXMU slot for Blog Radio. (Srsly, SXMU, hire me, already. You need a woman’s perspective, and I’m so much more effective when speaking. Think this x10000) I’m drooling, this shit is so off-the-walls awesome. There is no reason to assign instruments to only one genre of music, and there is no reason to only use traditional vocals. I. LOVE. THIS.

Best Coast – “California Nights”
I feel like I should be doing a lot of drugs to this. Except I don’t do drugs. So… maybe I should just get drunk and lay in the sand? That fits. I’ll do that. Excuse me while I get lost in this ethereal utopian ode to Cali. New album drops 5 May 2015. (Damn, CINCO DE MAYO?! More reason to celebrate.)

Tame Impala – “Let It Happen”
In keeping with the cool, Cali-psych-rock theme, Australian six-piece Tame Impala is gonna slap you in the face with a jaw-dropping nearly 8 minutes of fucking genius. GENIUS. This is a perfect track, and you KNOW how I antsy I get around the 3:30-4 minute mark, dedicated readers! You’re welcome. You’re freaking welcome. (P.S. Levitation this May in the ATX is gonna kick some serious ass.)

Tame Impala – “‘Cause I’m a Man”
AAAAAAAAAAND, because I can, and because it’s out there… here’s a second Tame Impala track, right in a row! In stark contrast, reminiscent of the days of Bobby Womack and Peace; and The Delfonics. OH, all the Jackie Brown FEELS! You could add this in anywhere on that OST and you’d never know the difference. Genre- AND decade-transcendent talent here, y’all.

Courtney Barnett – “Pedestrian at Best”
Let’s pick it back up! Here’s another Aussie for your listening pleasure. I am seriously in love with this woman. Her lyrics are raw AF, and screw all those Sheryl Crow comparisons; Courtney rules them all. She’s fresh, she’s innovative, she’s adorable… and this track is only a taste of what tongue-in-cheek gems you’ll discover on her 23 March 2015 release, “Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit”.

M.I.A. – ” Can See Can Do”
I don’t have to say much, here. Mathangi can do no wrong. I’ma bump this like there’s no tomorrow. *FREE download.

Matt & Kim – “Get It”
This is just gonna be freaking everywhere this summer. EVERY. WHERE. Has “commercial” written all over it, and I’m almost positive I’ve already heard it on, like, two. Be in the know NOW, while people are still wondering what the hell this awesomeness is and who it’s by. GET IT.

Propellerheads – “Big Dog”
So Prodigy. So Chemical Brothers. So ’90s. So damn RIGHT! Seeing as they formed back in the ’90s, their style makes a ton of sense, and it’s quite welcome, in the current world of some seriously shitty electro. More of this. Enter the Matrix.

A.G. Cook ft. Hannah Diamond – “Keri Baby”
Older track, yet still so fresh! When I first heard this, I thought it might be new Kero Kero Bonito. They have quite a similar style! I’m loving how simple the lyrical approach is, and how it balances the busy-ness of the techno-pop ear amalgam in the background. Go be cooler than everyone else by blasting this here track at a beach party. Everyone will want to be your friend. *FREE download.

Grimes – “REALiTi”
I’ll be honest… this isn’t anything super-new for my girl, Grimes. Nope. In fact, it’s pretty par for the course! But here’s the thing: it’s GRIMES. So I’m sharing. Because she’s a goddess. Now go fight some Benadryl sleep to this track and thank me later.

MIKE TWO ft. Mackey – “Gold Chalice (Prod. J57)”
Here’s a find for you. MIKE TWO was just signed with J57’s label, FiveSeven Music, and will be dropping a FREE LP this summer. GET HYPED! With my boy Jimmy guiding him, you know some quality ish ’bout to come to fruition. And, hey, GUESS WHAT? Free download of this smooth flow available on SoundCloud. HELLS yes.

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