musicXtherapy series: Chrysalis, pt. 1

By: Nadia D.

Jul 16 2015

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6 Plus
Seth Camm of San Antonio, oil painting, first installment.

WUT UP, Music Bishes?! I have been gone for WAY too long, and there’s actually a valid reason behind it this time! (Not that being busy with work and school isn’t valid… IJS.)

This is a bit of a personal post, and it’s a HUGE disconnect from the Maven way — normally I give no fxcks, pull no punches, and basically just let my inner Lady Bo$$ come out to play. Letting y’all into my world is new, but perhaps this will give everyone a bit of perspective, be therapeutic (ah haaa, see what I did there?!), and offer up a new facet to this creative outlet I’ve carved out for myself. Feedback is welcome and much appreciated.

Welcome to the musicXtherapy series, where I will be exploring the therapeutic aspects of music, working through some serious shit, and inviting you to introspect, gain a bit of knowledge, and move forward with more conviction at the same time I… venture into the “wilderness”, if you will. (Sounds so fxcking cheesy, but… I mean… it kinda is.)

Over the past few months I became a ghost. It was a slow and steady decline until around April. I dropped the ball on my review of RRSolFest (I TRULY apologize, guys), and it was due to full time work (nursing, which is hard enough) and full time school to finish my Bachelor’s (only took a damn decade), and in the midst of all of this… I’ve been dealing with bulimia. (I’ve been that way for a really long time.) My biggest trigger is stress, so putting 2+2 together… I’m in treatment now. Finished the degree! But now I’m in this intensive program to learn how to better manage my disordered tendencies and gain better coping skills so I no longer have to turn to… bulimia. “Mia”. (How the fxck did I get here?)

Which brings us to this series. I’ve entitled this “Chrysalis” since it’s a fancy word for cocoon, and that’s essentially what I have entered into, institutionally. I am providing you with songs that help me self-soothe, meaning heavy use of bass, keeping in mind the therapeutic benefits of binaural brainwave-like patterns of sound, though not quite so technical… feel free to read up on binaural brainwave beats HERE and HERE. I would imagine, just after the small amount of reading I’ve done on them, that most of those binaurals I’m attracted to are in the Alpha, Theta, and Gamma ranges, inducing states of euphoria… a natural, music-based high. So my method is, I get my headphones on or BUMP the tracks at home or in my car for a therapeutic release… go into my cocoon… paired with an e-cig sometimes.
***(Sidenote: I like Blu, since I’m not actually a smoker unless I’m considerably stressed. I do NOT recommend smoking for health reasons. We have a strong cancer history in my family, so this is actually something I’m not even super-proud about, but if you’re considering smoking cessation – an alternative to help you kick the habit – I recommend them, as they have full strength and half strength nicotine options.)

This first installment is all new-ish music, signifying this new beginning, trying to get used to new tracks that maybe aren’t your “go-to”s yet, but are comforting in their own way. I’ve really been enjoying them, so please let me know how you do.

The oil painting featured is the first pass at a portrait that local San Antonio artist, Seth Camm, is working on. A “Work In Progress”. (GET IT?! I’m a work in progress! Damn, that’s brilliant, haha!)

Let’s get it poppin’!!!

J57 – “The Summer of George”
Kicking this off with my fave producer man, Brooklynite Jimmy Heinz, my future ex hubby or what-have-you. Dude, this guy’s brain is fxckin’ SICK, and this instrumental rework from 2008 proves that. This isn’t something that can be taught. His transitions are clean, the length is PERF, those bass lines are so tasteful. I wanna get lost in this forever. And, seriously, Shoutout to George Costanza. #SeinfeldForever (That cult-like following, I guess, says it all.)

Crystal Castles – “Frail”
Um, WHAT?! CRYSTAL CASTLES ISN’T DEAD?!?!?!?!?!?! The official comment on their Soundcloud page is simply wishing their former vocalist well in her future endeavors, which is mega-classy. I have much respect for that stance. So. Much. Bass. Soooo. Muuuuch. Baaaass. Classic Crystal Castles, it’s like they never disbanded. This makes me happy aurally and on a personal music-lover level. Bump. Dat. Shit.

I posted an excerpt of this on my IG a while back, so y’all bishes better be familiar. This is a quiz. And if you neglected to study, well FLUFF Y’ALL. THIS. SHIT. IS. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIK. I can’t even get over how amazing this is. Those heavy basslines and lofty, almost angelic vocals. The juxtaposition of sweet vs. DIRTEH DIRTEH. Amazeballs awesome. That’s all that needs to be said.

RATATAT – “Cream on Chrome”
This track was debuted onstage at Coachella (I watched the live stream, despite my reservations about how basic it’s seriously become). I think I nearly shit my pants, it’s that great. I love the philosophy RATATAT has of combining the purely electronic with (yes, an electric) guitar and some drums (or even pre-recorded drum beats) thrown in here and there… it’s genius. It takes the purely electronic from being something that anyone (really) can do (depending on a person’s ear and taste level) and elevates it to the next level. Bump it. You’re welcome.

Palmbomen II – “Cindy Savalas”
Bumping. Thumping. BASS. What a beautifully pieced together, well-transitioned, entirely thought-out piece. Truly. The layers are added slowly and not harped on, but sort of adding to the thought as the song progresses. Granted, this is a longer track than what I normally go for, but since it’s so methodical and interesting, the 6 min, 52 sec pass like it was only a moment, and leaves you wanting more. What do y’all think of this new find? Beats In Space LP dropped 3 March 2015. Pick it up NOW.

MEW – “Water Slides”
THER. A. PY. Is it horrible that I think of cats when I think of the band name “MEW”? No. No, it isn’t. What a lilting, gentle track. Cohesive, clear direction… feels like riding slow rollercoaster when I listen to this. It’s especially helpful to kind of center while you’re driving. I cry my eyes out to this every so often, too, not EVEN gonna lie. So worth it. Just do it. LP +- dropped back in April. Invest.

WhatsJaye – “Function Y (prod. by breatheourlast)”
First off, MAD PROPS to breatheourlast. MAD MAD PROPS. I will say the voice mod is quite prominent, not my thing, but that flow makes up for it. I don’t know if y’all can make out what dude’s saying, I have to admit that I’ve not looked the lyrics up, but it doesn’t matter to me right now. I’m speaking purely to the energy of this piece, and it is deep, dark, interesting, and soulful. A tad short, but quick and complete. I won’t complain. FREE DOWNLOAD.

Daktyl – “Stay (Machinedrum remix feat. Dive Deep)”
SIK. SIK. SIK. SIK. SIK. I can’t even with this right now, goes so fxcking hard. This remix is so damn prime; the original is fab, but this right here is the ish, y’all. Wanna talk about some damn brainwaves???? ON TOP OF the fact that the direction is clear, the added mods are tasteful and don’t overpower the creative flow. I just wanna share it with the world, so here it is. Remix out now through Mad Decent. Très à propos.

Hot Damn./Vaski – “3AM (JiKay remix)”
At this point my brain is so relaxed, I can’t even think of words to get through this track, man. Heavy wave action, here. Perfectly mixed, edited, and remixed. There’s a fabulous balance between mod-ing the vocals and ensuring the beats and melody are featured. Beautiful… AND it’s FREE to download. RIGHTNOW.

Suna – “Sometime (Murer remix)”
Frenchman, I believe? I mean, AMAZING. I am SO in love with this dude’s EP (which dropped around my bday back in April), I just cannot take it off repeat! (Be sure to look up “Nothing”) This particular remix leaves out such an important element in the original; HOWEVER, I feel this iteration is so well done otherwise that it’s permissible. Heavy, heavy vibes. Feel ’em, my franz. Feel ’em!

PREFUSE 73 – “Prime Meridian Narcissism”
This has elements of The Flaming Lips, an arcade game, breaking glass, and, like, a chant or something… Fused so well! It’s like this conscious dissonance, and it’s fxcking BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wrap my head around it! I found this on the featured front page on Soundcloud just by chance, and I am SO glad I did! Apparently this man, Guillermo Scott Herren, has ties in Cuba, Miami, NYC, AND Spain?! Badass. His LP Every Color of Darkness JUST dropped 10 July 2015. Get it while it’s hot!!

atOlla. – “Bloom”
Reminds me so much of Ejecta! (They changed their name, too, but don’t ask me right now. I care not to research this at the moment.) Or Musique Le Pop (whom I’ve featured, as well…) The self-description on Soundcloud states, “Cinematic fairytale pop and electronic dance meld as one in the audio-visual experience atOlla.” I’d have to say that is spot-on… I feel so bad that they submitted to me two whole months ago when this dropped, and I simply was not around. Guess what, atOlla? You rule. Do you.

So that is IT! What do you think? Did you zone out on a few? Which types of songs help you? I’m assuming that if you’re here, you’re a bit of an audiophile, but maybe music isn’t your thing. What is? Feedback, feedback, FEEDBACK!
I will continue this series over the next few weeks or so — indeed, I’ve already planned out the playlists and concepts — so stick around and grow and change with me!

Now, go nourish your inner badass by taking care of YOU. It’s so, so very important.

*** Shoutout to deanroyal for helping me restore this post! I thought I’d lost it!***

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