Playlist time, you animals. I can’t even find the right tags to accurately describe this mish-mash of tracks. It’s insanity, and you’re not gonna get it, because I don’t get it, and that’s ok. We’ll be lost together. Yet bonded by the awesomeness that is unspeakably bitchin’ ear candy. J. Mascis – “Every Morning” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiich. Do you HEAR that guitar? Seriously, the sound mastery on this is prime. I can’t get over it. And, you know, it helps that dude is ranked as one of the best guitarists of all time… J. Mascis is best known for his work with Dinosaur Jr., which has been an active group since before I was born. Serious. Good work, sir. His new album Tied to a Star drops 25 August 2014. Digitalism – “Wolves” Nothing crazy here. It’s not earth-shattering or mind-blowing, but it sure as hell is good, and it’ll beef up any dance mix seamlessly.   Sia – “Chandelier (Chloe Martini remix)” MINT. FRESH. #andyoucandownloadit. If you’ve not heard the original, or seen the video featuring that creepy little dance kid from Dance Moms, Maddie… Well, I’ve included it below, because it’s a f&^%ng work of art. Joel Ford – “Connection To” The very beginning of this hearkens back to the early days of trance and house music. So underground UK! Then it just opens up into dance Heaven, and if I were one to do drugs, I’d probably do them to this song and get lost in some bodily movement. Which, I don’t know if what I do can be considered dancing, really. Caribou. – “Can’t Do Without You” The distorted voice is so ’90s. So very ’90s. I mean, for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about Luther Vandross when I hear this. I was brought up listening to him, and I know this isn’t connected (that we know of), but I’m just gonna start calling this Caribou.’s Luther Vandross song. Hear the rest of this guy’s new stuff when Our Love releases on 7 October 2014 through Merge Records. James Nasty – “Fan Dem Off” This genius sampled Elephant Man, y’all. I mean, Elephant Man is innovative enough, setting his own “Fan Dem Off” track, partially, to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger”. (Don’t believe me? Check it here.) This resulting track is KILLER. I wanna get wasted to it and bust out some tribal moves. Who’s with me? The Calvert St. EP is available on iTunes now. Tomas Barfod – “Pulsing (ft. Nina K)” Not the first time I’ve featured Mr. Barfod, and with DAMN good reason. This is my new slow-entrance song. When my future husband sees me enter a room, this is the song that he will hear when he admires my gorgeous face for the first time ever. Prove me wrong. (His new album, Love Me, released 10 June 2014 via Secretly Canadian) Yumi Zouma – “It Feels Good to Be Around You (ft. Air France)” Beauty is as beauty does, y’all. Holy bananas, it’s one of those tracks you just want to go on for days, and it “happen[s] too fast,” as the song would suggest. DOWNLOAD, and repeat. Ramona Lisa – “Backwards and Upwards” You see what she did with her name there? Yes. You read it right. This is tagged as “pastoral electronic” on her SoundCloud. Don’t ask me, dude. If that means… lofty vocals and synthy organs, then sure. All I know is that I enjoy it. A lot. Which is fitting, since her album, Arcadia, dropped on my bday this year, 14 April 2014. It was her present to me. Classixx – “Hanging Gardens” This track has been around for just over a year, so people have had plenty of time to analyze it. Right away, music lovers everywhere recognized the obvious influence of Fleetwood Mac’s “Seven Wonders”… if you don’t know who or what that is, you likely can’t be helped, but I’ve provided the link to the video, anyway. The second debate is the group’s rip off of German electro-rock Tangerine Dream’s cover of their album “Optical Race”… neither group were credited with these influences in their “thank you”s and so forth. See the Tangerine Dream cover here, and the Classixx cover here, and decide for yourself. But, enough of that — let’s just discuss how awesome the track is, all drama and bullshit aside. Will this not be in your permanent rotation? ‘Swhat I thought. You’re so welcome. Beverly – “You Can’t Get It Right” Made up of Dum Dum Girls alum, Frankie Rose, and Drew Citron, this duo has only been moving and shaking since 2013, but their mature sound is the direct result of a well-seasoned artist base. Their first album, Careers, dropped July 1st. Go buy it and change your life. N.A.S.A. – “Hide (ft. Childish Gambino and Aynzli Jones)” I end this list on a high energy note. This shizzzz is dope. Anything Childish Gambino touches turns to gold lately. This is no different. Go pump some iron to it. Post thoughts, comments, concerns, and otherwise below… Just kidding! I don’t give a crap about your concerns. 😉 The rest I’ll take!

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