Music for the Mind

A New Playlist! Better late than never. 🙂

These are the earwigs of the week. Download them, love them, listen to them until your earbuds burst into a thousand tiny pieces.

And, no, they aren’t related in any sort of way. There is no “theme”. I don’t care.

This reminds me of the late 80s/early 90s club music that now exists only on compilation CDs. Sometimes nostalgia makes people happy.

Ever been heartbroken? Yeah. She has. And we feel her pain.

You know you’ve made it when Tears For Fears covers you. Holy crap, Hot Chip! (Mind you, there are several covers out there, including one from Grizzly Bear that I can sink my teeth into… but this one just tops them all.)

Nevermind that Les Paul originated from Waukesha… Justin Vernon (remember Bon Iver?) put Wisconsin back on the MAP! (jk jk… this Wisconsinite-at-heart, and former Waukesha resident, loves all things Culver’s, cheese, brats, beer, and the Pack… and don’t forget that the biggest music festival in the United States is held every summer in Milwaukee!)

I was skeptical at first, but this song will grow on you. The cough track kept me listening, the lyric play got me hooked.

A song to get lost in. Don’t fight it. Take a drink and enjoy feeling like you’re floating. This is what a good remix is all about.

It is my sincere hope that you have a friend who has played this for you already. If not, fire your friends, and invest in satellite radio. (Or if you’re super-nice, take your friends on an extended road trip with your new satellite radio and introduce them to the wonderful world of good music)

The driving bass beat of this song reminds me of “Cycle” by Icky Blossoms, but it holds its own musical merit. Please, do compare!

Aaaaaand you’re welcome. I am the mistress of matching riffs. Plus, you’re hearing another gem. I blast it when I’m feeling like a total bada$$… and my window is ALWAYS rolled down when I do so.

One of those songs that could remind you of a summer of love. If people ever had those anymore. You know, the ones that involved summer camp, family vacation, and skinnydipping.

Speaking of a summer of love, this would likely be any teenage boy’s anthem, anyhow. I’m a gold digger, boys need to step up! But I will dance in my underwear to this song. So fun!

And the link to my last song is THIS ONE. Because premierguitar is hella-lame and won’t let me embed it for you to enjoy right here on this very page. BOO ON THEM.

3 comments on “Music for the Mind”

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