GUEST BLOGGER: Harmony Reviews BROODS’ Album — “Evergreen”

Hello, all you faithful and dedicated readers! (Because you totally are.)

This post was supposed to have been up last week, but we hit a tiny snafu, and now you can just delight in the fact that it’s here now. 

I just know you were trembling in anticipation; SO SORRY to keep you waiting!

My quick thoughts: If you haven’t heard of BROODS yet, you’re about to… And not just literally, jerkfaces — this group is set to dominate. Next few months → MARK MY WORDS.

Now, let’s welcome back the lovely Harmony to the Triple M Review Ring. Enjoy.

Hello Hello! Harmony again here and this time I am reviewing the new BROODS release on their self titled EP BROODS, in anticipation of their first release, Evergreen. Oh my gosh, I am not going to lie: prior to this I was only familiar their song Bridges. I really enjoyed their unique sound and the incorporation of drums. So I definitely was excited to review this album because I knew it was not going to disappoint… and thankfully I was right! Let’s get into the good stuff and begin by dissecting track by track.

1: Never Gonna Change: This track was a good intro to the album and begins with ghost like vocals. I enjoyed how it builds and it grows on you fairly quickly. It almost feels like this song could be on an action movie soundtrack. The beat is sick and lyrics are the cure. Overall, I felt that this track was a great opening for the album.

2: Pretty Thing: This track begins pretty upbeat. I really enjoy BROODS’ sound in general because their music is always so refreshing. I have always felt they are one of those bands that you become familiar with their sound because it is so unique. This track with the catchy chorus and use of drum machine is reminiscent of Phantogram… but again, not really, because BROODS has their own unique way of song presentation. Awesome track!

3: Bridges: I had heard this song prior on satellite radio and it was my first introduction to BROODS. With that said, after I heard this track I was, like, hooked; the beat was amazing and, lyrically, I could not stop singing this song.

5: Taking You There: This track was probably my favorite off of the album. I enjoyed the acoustic intro and the softer sounding melody. BROODS let’s the song build progressively and I felt that this track attracts a wider audience. If you’re someone who may not necessarily be into synthy indie stuff but enjoys good acoustics then it attracts a diverse audience, which is always good.

6: Coattails: Last, and certainly not least, BROODS beautifully incorporates ghostly vocals with synthy beats and an amazing drum-beat. The song is not too overbearing with electronic sounds and honestly reminds me a lot of Frou-Frou and Imogen Heap tracks. [MAVEN HERE: If you haven’t heard of Frou Frou (“Let Go”) and Imogen Heap (“Hide and Seek”), you want to look them up. Immediately.]

In addition to their EP, BROODS will be releasing their anticipated album Evergreen on October 7, 2014. I was able to listen to 4 of the exclusively released tracks and here is my take on them 

1: Mother and Father: To be honest, when I first heard the beginning of this song the beat is intoxicating. I am the type of person that listens to lyrics, and I felt like I could really relate to this song. Like any young person we are on a quest to self-discovery; starting our lives making right and wrong decisions and I feel it is easy for anyone to relate to this song. To me that’s important in a band, or an artist, that they are constantly finding ways to connect with listeners. BROODS are doing just that in this track. To put it simply this track is exquisite.

4: Bridges: They’ve added their “classic” song bridges to the new album, which became the first song of theirs to hit satellite radio and the song most people recognize as BROODS. This song is very upbeat and the melody is catchy; it is perfect for any get together with friends to just hang out and chill.

5: LAF: This song begins upbeat with extensive use of a drumbeat and it reminds me of early Frou-Frou. The teaser makes it seem like a song you would hear in a store at the mall since various companies have adopted a lot of indie music into their sales. Overall it is extremely danceable and if you enjoy a song with a good melody and beat this one is perfect.

6: Never Gonna Change: This teaser begins slowly and the vocals are almost ghostly. The build goes from soft to loud and when the beat drops the vocals marry the rhythm perfectly. Overall this song is something you could hear at any time it has an amazing beat with vocals that are haunting.

I am glad I sat down to hear these releases fully because I would not have been able to have the opportunity to hear other amazing tracks this band has made. I am going to give this album a (preliminary) ♦♦♦♦♦/5 because the tracks are diverse and, as I previously mentioned, the EP can appeal to many listeners. I had previously thought that if the EP was amazing the 3 released tracks would be as well so you can say Harmony is pretty stoked for the album release in October! This is definitely an album to purchase. Each track on the EP and Album, are filled with euphoric bliss and brilliance, I definitely recommend it! 5 out 5 diamonds for both! Be sure to check out Evergreen when it hits stores on Oct 7, 2014.

Love and Light,

Harmony xo

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