Academic Delirium

First: let me draw attention to the playlist image — a HUGE thanks goes out to Daniella Gibson of DGP and Chanel Singleton of CHACHAFace MUA for helping to bring my image to life. Youse birds rock.

I literally created 7/8ths of this playlist 19 days ago.


So why, you may ask, am I just posting now? Two words: WORK. SCHOOL.
Both of which lead to: Sleep deprivation. Which = DELIRIUM.

delirium: a serious disturbance in a person’s mental abilities that results in a decreased awareness of one’s environment and confused thinking. (Thank you, Mayo Clinic, for this medically correct definition. Because my brain sucks right now.)

That being said: if my descriptions of each of these killer tracks end up being no better than “OMGAHHHHHH” and “#dead”… get the front door over it. Just enjoy these glorious beats.

Priory – “Weekend”
My sentiments exactly today. “HELL YEAH, I JUST GOT PAID! IT’S TIME TO GET THIS STARTED!” Which means: I will be drinking heavily tonight. And you can’t say shit about it.

Ricky Eat Acid – “(p u l l)”
This I get a pass on: OMGAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Effing sick. The artist, Sam Ray, even notes on his Soundcloud that this is the first traditional song he’s written under this pseudonym. UM… keep it up, Sam Ray. Keep. That. Shit. Up. #eargasm (HEY! HEYYYY! Download this track while you can!)

Sophie – “Lemonade”
Stands to become your non-basic-bitch’s Iggy Azalea “Fancy”. Excuse me while I go don everything neon and gold in my closet and rock that noize like it’s going out of style. (It’s not.)

The Griswolds – “Beware the Dog”
So, they’re named after the infamous National Lampoon’s family, and their breakout hit single is based on feelings following the overdose of a close friend. Talk about creativity! But, you know, feel free to relate it to your crazy ex… because, who doesn’t have one of those?!

Vance Joy – “Riptide”
You need a new dance-in-your-skivvies song sometimes. Since it will be fall (then winter) soon (duh), I imagine that this will include a giant sweater and some fuzzy socks, a la Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. (I AM a chick. I watch chick flicks. I apologize for nothing.)

Youth Code – “‘DESTROY.’ SAID, SHE”
And now your rager. For when you need to break someone’s face. Or you can no longer bear the thought of studying for that exam at 1 AM after completing your 10-page paper. Yeah. For those times.

How To Dress Well – “Repeat Pleasure”
For you semi-basics. You’re trying, like, SO HARD to break out, but just ventured away long enough to find the sweet vocals of Tom Krell. Which, you know, I can’t knock you for! Decent stuff!

HAERTS – “Wings (Shlohmo Remix)”
First of all, if you’ve not heard the original… do it. Second… OMFGAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. This shit is SIK SIK SIK SIK SIK. This is anything music. ANYTHING. MUSIC.

King Tuff – “Eyes of the Muse”
Tailgating music, and you’ll be the raddest one there. Boom.

Sega Bodega – “Jansen”
An airwave-young James Blake-to-be. Soul of Keyshia Cole, scientific beats, sophistication of knowing just how far to push it. Impressive. DOWNLOAD, listen, love, share.

Kero Kero Bonito – “Sick Beat”
Looking to boost your international musical taste? Look no further. Japanese band, based out of London, fangirling all over video games. You’re gonna be the #nerdalert of your lame-ass sorority. (I’m secretly jealous.)

Karen O – “Rapt”
There’s not much I need to say here. Her first solo album (Crush Songs) drops Sept 9th. Get it.

Glass Animals – “Pools”
Because I can’t NOT include Glass Animals. I mean, UGH. UGGGGHHHHHHHH. Beatz for dayz. And that DROP?!

Spoon – “Do You”
My unofficial chill track of the summer, and it needs to be carried into fall. Nothing beats a vintage band revamp.


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