Still debating what to do on your Saturday night? Lame.


Meet Rakia: the best friend you’ve never met.

You know that Surface2Art BlockpARTy I posted about recently? (Like, yesterday?) You know that Distilling Company I was jabbering about as the venue?

Dorcol Distilling Company makes Rakia. Hence the connection.
(Let me be fair: “Dorcol” is missing an accent over the “c”, and my Mac is infuriatingly not complying with my insistence that one belongs!)

“Maven, why is this so important?” you may ask. I’ll tell you!!!

Aside from being a departure from your typical vodka-soda and Lone Star fare of your early 20s, Rakia carries with the process some tradition. Who can say no to drinking a lil bit o’ history?!

While there are many recipes of the fruit-based liquor found in Europe, I hear (from Libby Day, Surface2Art BlockpARTy coordinator) that Dorcol’s variety is apricot-based, and Serbian in origin. I decided to do a little more research, and rather than embarrassing myself by morphing into an “expert” on Rakia, I will allow these investigative journalists so the talking:

More Than Moonshine

Serbian Moonshine

(confusing, no?)

In the tl/dr version: Make up your mind to get your tushie out to the Surface2Art BlockpARTy and support:

1) this emerging distillery with unique spirits, only open since December 2013 (so all your hipster friends will be soooooo jealous… if they haven’t discovered it before you *GASP*)
3) Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum
4) over 35 local artists (music and otherwise)
5) ME! (jk. but not really.)

Tickets here for way less than the kitty kat pajamas you just bought cost you. (It’s a thing!)

1902 S. Flores, SA, TX, 7p-1a on Saturday, April 19, 2014

Your city thanks you.

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