Looking for something to do this weekend? SUPPORT THE LOCAL SCENE!


I have the distinct pleasure of bringing you coverage of the sure-to-be-amazing Surface2Art BlockpARTy; a fundraiser benefitting the expansion of two members of the creative collective here in San Antonio, by way of SATX Music: San Antonio Music Production Lab (SAMPL) and Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum.

This shindig goes down Saturday, April 19, 2014 at the Dorcol Distilling Company at 1902 S. Flores, San Antonio, TX from 7p-1a.

The short correspondence I’ve had with coordinator, Libby Day, tells me that morale is high, and there should be lots of volunteer manpower in the works. Hooray for helping the community! (SRSLY.)

I, personally, am stoked, since my friend DJ Rivera is on the books. If his spins are any indicator, this party will be freaking EPIC.

There’s still time to pre-purchase your tickets (for $8.75 total) before prices go up day-of… but, seriously, it’s only $10. You’d pay that much for a drink downtown, anyway.

Be there and be awesome. And keep an eye out for the full run down coming this weekend!

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