It’s Only Love

If you just so happen to be a child who’s easily offended by female nudity, just leave this page now. Or suck it up. Googling “Ejecta” will yield image results of lead singer, Leanne Macomber (might remember her from Neon Indian?!), in the nude. Friggin’ babies. She can appreciate her body as an artistic piece. #whatsitcalled? #NSFW #UgoGurl She looks damn good!

Gorilla Vs. Bear is always ahead of the curve, and I heard Ejecta’s first single “It’s Only Love” when it debuted on GvB’s blog radio spot on SiriusXMU something like a month ago? Ish? Anywho, then I heard “Jeremiah” at some point in between then and now, too, and it was enough to have me foaming at the mouth for the release date, which was yesterday here in Texas. I’ve been playing it nearly nonstop ever since it came into my life 😉

(This is the closest I could get to streaming right now, folks… sorry!)

Now, get the giggles out and get down to the music. Track-by-track, jerkfaces, ’cause that’s how this works.

released 19 November 2013

1. Mistress – I feel like I’m going to Madonna’s personal church. So 80’s. So synthy. So makes me wanna get that crimped hair in my face and find my fingerless lace gloves. Best part is: this song could easily become repetitive and boring, but it held this easily distracted ADD-er interested! It’ll do the same for you 😉

2. It’s Only Love – “Do what you want with me… I’ll give you all that you want…” Oh boy, Ejecta! Hypersexual lyrics teetering on obsessive and/or desperate… but so well done that it’s just plain alluring. Who wouldn’t want to have eyes made at them from across the room to this song? Honestly. (Now quit lying to yourself and say you’d love it, mmhmm)

3. Beast – Ok, so only my Southern folk will get this… and by that, I mean South Texas peeps… but the bass line and snare in this vaguely remind me of a cumbia. HA! But not really. But kinda? BUT ANYWAY, it’s definitely catchy. Not my fave. Not horrible. Just sorta… coulda been left off the album. Yeah.

4. Inside – I like addition of a real, live acoustic guitar in the background, and I kinda wish they would have incorporated it more. I get it: they’re totally electro-pop. Cool. But folksy electro-pop? You heard? It works. This song is passable though, so no further complaints from moi!

5. Afraid of the Dark – Our duo does a good job of building interest in this one. Just in time, too. This album needed a bit of complexity, and this track delivers. I love the layers, the lyrics, the skill… feel free to get lost with a drink in your hands, friends. No one will judge you. (Unless it’s 9 in the morning… in which case you’d better have some to share)

6. Jeremiah – OH fun of funs. Pure late 80’s, early 90’s. Yes. More often than not, songs that boast a name as the title are pretty sweet, since they clearly have to impress someone! (Anyone remember “Ramona” from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World?! Simple, but gets the point across… #UgoBeck) Seriously, turn this jam up on the dancefloor, turn those pesky lights down, and watch everyone get their tushies werkin’. Mmmhmmm.

7. Silver – Know that point in the album where you just kinda wish it would be over? Hm. I’m reaching it at this point in the album. Thank goodness the keyboard is keeping me interested. What I’m wanting to happen is for my speakers to be blown out, and I’m getting breathy, airy, with minimal build. And it’s too damn long. This needs roughing up. Bump up the bassline. Or get yo’ growl on, GRRL!

8.  Eleanor Lye – As an individual track, this song can do it for me. Not a fan of slow jams, but this isn’t quite that cheesy, and it’s got a name for a title… so it’s built to impress! (Riiiiiiight? Remember what we just learned?!) The placement in the album lineup is what I take issue with. Poorly placed. Don’t put a slow damn song after one that just annoyed/bored the shizz outta me. If I weren’t hopped up on caffeine I’d be snoozing. NEXT!

9. Small Town Girl – Yay! Sounds dirty. I mean, slow to start, but once it does… gives me sort of an M83 vibe,  and just a tiny hit of Neon Indian, neither of which I can ever get enough of. Mind you, it’s different enough to be called Ejecta, but I think they need some more time to build THIS side of their sound up. Do THIS, Ejecta. THIS and “Jeremiah”-style.

10. Tempest – It took me forever to pin down what this song reminded me of… and for some reason all I could think of was Kate Bush. Certainly not the voice, but DEFINITELY the style. What do you think?

FINAL THOUGHTS: I hate getting my hopes up sometimes, because my expectations often far exceed the end result. Overall this album is not bad, but I have to say that I was looking forward to dancing a helluva lot more. Pisses me off that this canned heat in my heels must stay contained for another album. ♦♦¾/5

4 comments on “It’s Only Love”

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  3. […] on this playlist! WHAAA?! So, this is the band formerly known as simply Ejecta; the same Ejecta I reviewed a year ago last month. A little more synth-heavy this time around, but who’s complaining?! […]

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