You’ll Forgive Me…

I’m a little late on this. OOPS! This Maven actually has a life! (i.e. full-time work and school… oh, and friends!)

It’s alright, though. You’re gonna love this playlist so much, from beginning to end, that you’re going to forgive me after the first friggin’ note.

APOLOGY ACCEPTED! (The beginning of this almost sounds exactly like Dan Croll’s “From Nowhere, NO?!) You’re gonna be singing “I am loving you moooo-ooore” from here to Kingdom Come. Believe me. It’s catchy. It’ll go mainstream sooner rather than later. Blame it on being so damned upbeat!

You don’t know how much I love this remix. OHMAN! If I wasn’t in love with the original enough, this remix just blew my heart up and smeared it on the friggin’ walls, mmk? AND YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FROM SOUNDCLOUD, WHAAAAAAAAT?! Thank you, Bonde do Rolê for doing this beautiful song some justice AND making it danceable. Because I needed to dance my arse off to some Grizzly Bear.

It’s older, but don’t beat yourself up because you weren’t awesome enough to hear it 10 months ago. Stupid hipster tendencies! Yes, I heard it before you, but take heart: your other friends haven’t heard it yet. Blow their minds with it on a Friday night out… and they’ll make you D.D. for the rest of your friendship because they’ll always want to hear your music when they’re out. Wait… DOH! >.<

I still get bummed when I’m reminded this group is from Minneapolis instead of Brazil… so there’s that. Girl can dance! Oddly enough this is probably what anyone could consider their first danceable song…?! Certainly a [happy] disconnect from what we’ve come to expect from Poliça, but I’m pleased. So fun!

SNAP! And from Denton, TX?! Dude, UNT can churn ’em out like no other… the harmonies in this are cathartic. Screw your drugs, all you need is a black light and a bed with this track.

Mmmm, más mellow… something about this makes me feel like I’m floating on a cloud. Ever been hypnotized? Yeah, use that imagery.

NOW WAKE THE &*^! up! M.I.A. is now “popular” thanks to her “Paper Planes” song from a few years back, but I LOVE that she’s still political and in-your-face and artistically interesting, just like she was before she had a minute in the spotlight! I hate that whole Y.O.L.O. thing, and I was skeptical of the song just because of the title at first… and hot DAMN if I’m not happy to be open-minded!

Germany’s so underground, their shizz is ahead of its time +2 years. Plus… dude looks like the European Tyson Ritter (All-American Rejects).

Have you figured out yet that I’m obsessed with Purity Ring?! Add some Danny Brown and this track is pure platinum. Slightly political… SO much better than any crap played on mainstream radio.

I think I may actually be the last person in the world to know that this is Danger Mouse and James Mercer of the Shins… I’m so ashamed! butnotreally This song has been circulating at an alarming rate, and once you get into it, it’s a wonder why it’s not just being played on every radio, everywhere, 24/7. It’s not necessarily catchy… it’s more like… SuperGluey. You’ll never get it out of your head. (Aaaaaaaand I love that you can hear both artists’ influences quite heavily)

Oh ATX… I love thee so. TWO TEXAS BANDS churning out da BIZNASS this time around. It’s like a chocolate mousse, y’all. It’s rich, but just light enough. Ya dig? Get into it, dig deep, bang your friggin’ head! But you aren’t gonna walk away from this feeling like an emotional mess, no sir…

Speaking of “BIZNESS” (nvm the spell diff, K?!)… I’m gonna say goodbye to youse biznitches with this one. Take that percussion and try not to bust out dancing as you walk on down the way. It’ll turn the most arhythmic shmuck into a professional dancer de Carnaval!

Now, go live life!

Batman riding the unicorn has NOTHING to do with this post, btw. Yet you’re still smiling.

Who’s ready for Ejecta?! Coming soon…

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