The Sessions: A Beautiful Night Filled With Beautiful Sounds and Beautiful People

Last Sunday, 13 October 2013: Austin City Limits was rained out, I was bummed. Atoms for Peace, The National, Tame Impala?! It didn’t seem fair!

However, with every (rain)cloud there is a silver lining! My friend invited my group and I to an exclusive closed session (filled with nothing but BEAUTIFUL people, no less!) of incredibly talented musicians. OHMAN!

The Sessions were held at Vuka, which is a blink-and-you-miss-it, exclusive type joint in the middle of a neighborhood. It felt exclusive. The interior was striking (see videos and/or website). The owner and host is handsome and personable. The atmosphere was absolutely perfect. Plus… open bar! Thanks, NeuroSonic
My only complaint was the one bathroom.

My friends and I missed Nakia, so I couldn’t speak to their peformance.

I am a big ol’ fan of Walk the Moon, and had to make the decision at ACL to see either them, Haim, or Electric Guest, as they were all on at the same time at the festival itself. I ended up choosing Haim, so I was SO happy to see WTMoon up-close-and-personal!!!

Miss Emily Wolfe was a HUGE surprise. She curses like a sailor (ha, woman after my own heart), has a sense of humor about herself, and GETS. INTO. HER. MUSIC. Thank you! Nothing more awesome than to see someone that puts a little love into her craft. Plus, she’s even funnier when she’s drunk. Bonus.

Continuing in the craft-love vein are Salt Lake City’s Desert Noise. The Lone Bellow couldn’t make it for some reason or another, so we were treated to the musical stylings of these long-haired young men. They’re pretty friggin’ nice, too. I was able to approach Tyler (bass player) after their session and he was totally cool, shook my hand, and thanked me for the compliment. The guys hung out with their new fans all night and were extremely gracious. Awesome and rare. Thanks, gentlemen.

Aaaaaaand, last but CERTAINLY not least, was ATX local Shakey Graves. I’ll admit: I hadn’t heard of him before my friend Ashley talked him up a few weeks prior to ACL, and I didn’t actually even hear him until Day 2 of festival itself. The brief intro I’d had just the day before, though, had my heart all a-flutter for him. He’s boyishly handsome, with long, spidery legs that just give him this 70s Brit-cool vibe, and his voice is folksy and bluesy and goes down like smooth Scotch.

Here’s to my amazing friend for extending the invite; Vuka, NeuroSonic, and staff for hosting; and all of the artists for gracing us with their presence, despite the nasty ATX weather. It was truly an unforgettable experience!

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