Fake Moon Landing, Pt. 2

By: Nadia D.

Nov 11 2014

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It’s not even mid-November, and already I’m hearing tales of Christmas music being played on the radio.

This is why I go satellite. Because: no.

To save you from all the hoopla that is the holiday season, let’s explore some exceptional tracks… some of which give me hope that rock ‘n’ roll isn’t completely dead.

Run the Jewels/Zach de la Rocha (RATM) – “Close Your Eyes (and Count to F**k)”
This just goes hard. You can’t get much farther from Christmas music than this. Go dig out your grillz and pretend you gangsta. Killuh.

Late Watch – “Psalm 73”
And then there’s this. Well… closer to Christmas music in that it’s basically singing praise to Our Lord and Savior. (That’s right, I’m a proud Christian… just unconventional.) I found this husband/wife duo whilst trolling my IG feed (@musicallymodernmaven), and I kind of fell in love with their sound! I mean, this is pretty dope, whether you agree with the lyrics or not. Let’s appreciate art for art’s sake. It’s playful, it’s different, and it’s nuanced. Solid track, y’all. Solid. Go buy it on iTunes and support the up-n-comers.

Leisure Cruise – “The Getaway”
I really should just review this entire album. I may, soon. This is a fantastic groove. It gets into you. It moves you. And if you’re anything like Tina from Bob’s Burgers… well… you’ll love the album cover. (We’re all a little Tina, you liar.)

Aphex X Swift – “Why You Gotta Be So Flim”
Don’t ask me, dude. I guess some random dude mashed up Taylor Swift and Aphex Twin, and this is LITERALLY the only way I’ll listen to TaySwift, mmk? I think her lyrics are childish and lame, but FOR SOME DAMN REASON… this works. It works! Ugh. So now to redeem us all… you can download it to love in secret. Or with your windows rolled down and the volume all the way up. I don’t know your life.

Aphex Twin – “minipops 67 [120.2]”
Yes, that IS actually the title. I would be remiss if I were to share an Aphex mashup without promoting his NEW ALBUM, Syro, which is KILLER. I should also review it… so many damn good albums, and not enough time in my life to review them all. The holidays may bring more album reviews than “Best Of” lists. Friggin’ choices. Anyway, go buy Syro and fall in love all over again. Aphex Twin is ever-relevant.

Peaking Lights – “Breakdown”
So, apparently this duo was super-active for a few years, fell off the planet, did some remixes, and came back kind of without warning. That’s cool. I do that often. I can respect it. Especially if they churn out this track gold after a hiatus. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if this isn’t one of your new faves. Their album, Cosmic Logic, dropped 6 Oct 2014.

Bully – “Milkman”
Nothing like some fantastic, gritty lady rock straight outta Nashville. Short, sweet, to-the-point, punk-pop for the masses. Or not. Keep it to yourselves! I mean, I could really use a great new find NOT going viral for once. That would be kinda awesome. Just be sure to buy their stuff, so they aren’t shafted in the revenue department. Kthx.

BRONCHO – “Class Historian”
Let’s just talk about how rad this track is. I mean, I feel like I should be at a modern day sock hop, kickin’ up my heels. You feel it? At the same time, frontman, Ryan Lindsey, has a new age voice slightly reminiscent of Ian Kevin Curtis, of Joy Division. In fact, that 80s connection isn’t too far off… these guys kick off a tour with Billy Idol after the onset of 2015. DOPE!

Sleater-Kinney – “Bury Our Friends”
So, you know that show Portlandia, yeah? (If not, you need to get on that shit ASAP, because it’s amazing) Carrie Brownstein has her own band. Yup. She’s had it long before she and Fred decided to embody hilarity, in fact! (They’ve been active since friggin’ 1994.) This new album that the lady trio will be dropping 20 Jan 2015, No Cities to Love, is HIGHLY anticipated, and they’ll be kicking off a short tour starting in February, too… though, they’ll be mostly mid-Western and European stops. Sorry, South.

Elliphant feat. Mø – “One More”
Strong female presence this playlist! Hells yeah! Truly, I am a massive fan of Elliphant (and not just because she’s goddess gorgeous, FORREAL), and this track started off sort of milktoast for me, I’ll be honest. BUT, right around 1:58 is when the magic happens. I near about died. And I was driving when this happened. Not so safe for me, but I lived to pass this on to you. Use it wisely, young grasshopper.

Röyksopp – “Thank You”
No such thing as too much electronic music, in my book. I’ve been geeking out over Röyksopp for a few years now, and it’s nice to hear something sort of mellow from them. This is more ambient, than anything. Remember that compilation from the late 90s, Pure Moods? Man, this would fit right in. I started binge-watching Twin Peaks on Netflix today… so that’s where my head is. Maybe when they revamp the series soon they’ll include some Röyksopp. Wouldn’t that be the ish? (Too bad Crystal Castles died… they would have been perfect, too. *le sigh*)

The Preatures – “Is This How You Feel?”
So fun!!! It’s so… Pat Benatar meets The Bangles, or something. It’s a new beast. I can’t get over it.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (T-E-E-D) – “Garden”
So not new, but that’s ok. Sometimes you need a throwback. I love this track. It’s incredible. You should hear it! So here it is.

Bush – “The Only Way Out”
You didn’t read that wrong. NEW. BUSH. You don’t need to know anything beyond: Gavin Rossdale. Excuse me while I relive middle school.

Sufjan Stevens – “A Little Lost (Arthur Russell Cover)”
First off… I’m in love with Sufjan. In fact, if you’re reading this, Sufjan, I wanna marry you. I promise to be at all of your shows. *whew* I’m glad I cleared that up. NOW… this is a guy who knows how to pay homage to a legend (classically trained cellist and composer, Arthur Russell) without royally effing it up. He keeps the essence of the track (original here), but still adds just enough of himself. And it’s about kissing. So. Sufjan. Let’s just not fight it anymore.

The Ropes – “Sadness is the Rich Man’s Drug”
AND, last but not least, a user-submitted track off of The Ropes’ new EP of the same name, dropped on 28 Oct 2014. If you get a chance, check out all three melancholy synth-pop tracks AND DOWNLOAD THEM, here. Bonus: you pay what you feel is appropriate. It’s win-win! (Shoutout to Dainty Deer for this fab submission!)

Like what you hear? Hate it? I could really give a crap less if you hate it, actually, but I’d love to hear from you, anyway. Nav it on over to my “Meet the Maven” page and send in some love… or comment below! ♥

One comment on “Fake Moon Landing, Pt. 2”

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