Kali Uchis – Por Vida

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Welcome to another album review, y’all! I am just being introduced to this edition’s artist, Kali Uchis: Colombian born, completely soulful, and easy on the eyes. That whole chola vibe works for me. Go on, bad bish, do ya thing.

This album is growing on me like a weed — her style can transcend genres.

Let me know what you think, after we tear it up, track-by-track. (This likely won’t be available to stream on Soundcloud permanently, fair warning… BUT there is a free download there right now! GO!)

Por Vida
released 4 February 2015

1. Sycamore Tree – I couldn’t imagine a more flawless opening track. It’s subtle, it’s soulful, it’s a little sweet, a little bad… sets up the feel for the album beautifully. This is artistry, Kanye.

2. Call Me – Slightly choppy transition, but let’s go with it. Very Amy Winehouse, IMO, which is a fabulous thing. The production is truly admirable; nice, clean sound. Well done.

3. Melting – Again, choppy transition, but. May we focus on how this track seems like an extension of the one before in terms of mood? This is something that needs to happen more on albums. While you can definitely distinguish the two, the feel is quite consistent, which is underrated and an art. It must be done delicately. Much applause. Furthermore, the lyrics are sweet and sexy, and the lilting melody and time signature reflect the feel of melting quite on point. I want to see a music video to this with a pastel acid trip background. ‘Better happen.

4. Lottery – Finally the transition I’ve been craving 🙂 I’m not normally one to vibe on with some R&B, but she delivers well with her lyrics, conveying a bit of humility while she asks for a second chance with her man. If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s jam, here’s your sure bet. (Get it? hehe) ♥

5. Know What I Want – Mmm, more tempo! So far this has been some easy listening, but this is a track I can bump it to a bit. Very cool, Cali style, sort of Malibu Beach. I imagine a hot, Barbie pink Corvette cruising the streets, soaking up the view of sand and surf while this chick lays it out about how her boy better shape up and become a man right ricki-tick. I imagine a few hair flips happen, and that poor sap straightens his shit up in response. Fave track.

6. Rush – Stylish. Again, alluding to a failure in relationship, the dude seems like he’s got some straightening up to do. With a bad bitch like Kali Uchis, i suggest he’d better. Note the Spanish supporting vocals in the background. She gotta let her Colombiana fly, y’all.

7. Ridin Round – So fun! Get yo’ girlfraaaanz together and get it poppin’. Nothing better than a sweet voice spittin’ a bit of vulgarity. I just wanna picture this chick dressed all chola style, bumpin’ it in a low rider decked out in some flecks. Gangsta. That’s wassup.

8. Speed – Oh HEEEYYYY! Dat beat is kinda like a drug… though I’m not that’s what she was going for. (No doubt the handiwork of track producer Tyler, the Creator ♦) I mean, if I was a dude being serenaded (seduced, let’s be honest) with a track like this, it would work. Seriously well put-together — it’s even got a bridge and it sounded like a step-up key change! It’s like the formula for a hit done right. Brava.

9. Loner – I’m gonna get a little personal with y’all: this is my relationship anthem. Girl opens up, dude shuts down, relationship crashes and burns. Clearly this hottie is just like me in that respect, because her lyrics capture that tango perfectly. Easier to be alone. Screw the whole thing. (Sure, sure, sure, this could go for guys, too…) A little melancholy for a closing track, for my taste, but it does wrap up the whole (just over) 30 minute journey quite nicely. Save for that abrupt end. *womp womp* Something to consider for the future, Kali. Don’t just drop me like the dude in this damn song. Not cool.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Solid second album by this little alt-R&B-hip-hop darling. The whole mood will align perfectly with lazy, long days of summer and warm, firefly-ed evenings… Just be sure to rock the baby blue Daisy Dukes, roller girl socks with contrasting stripes, and keep your freezer stocked with some Dreamsicles; with lovelorn tracks such as these, this summer’s sure to be a long one. And that’s not a bad thing. ♦♦♦♦/5.

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