Fake Moon Landing, Pt. 1

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but… the music’s what’s important. Part 1, because this friggin’ playlist grew faster than a team of bacteria. (Gross.)

And then I sat on it for a decent 3 weeks. Hey, that’s what happens when one is a student! My brain never stops churning, trust me! It’s just lucky for you that… well… you still haven’t heard a decent chunk of these. 😉

Listen, love, share, repeat.

I love playlist time, don’t you?!

FKA Twigs – “Two Weeks”
Seeexxxxxx, sexxy sexx, this is ALL ABOUT THE DIRRRRRTY! SRSLY. And now… Can’t get this bish outta my damn head! Look, if you’ve not already heard this floating around, you’ve been living under a rock. IT’S EVERYWHERE! Apparently some news broke a few weeks ago that her and Edward from Twilight are dating, and she’s getting a ton of hate mail from his stalkers. She’s brilliant, but this album will die just about as quickly as Bastille’s debut… because: STOP OVERPLAYING MUSIC.

SBTRKT – “NEW DORP. NEW YORK (ft. Ezra Koenig)”
This ish is SIK. Does that normal-pitched dude sound familiar? He should. Ezra Koenig is the frontman for Vampire Weekend. SURPRISE! Artists collabo. Often. This mashup is more incredible than most… If ever you needed a track to get a little weird to…

Ana Caprix – “Nobody But You”
I had to search for this, like, 5 different times. At first I thought I’d missed that this was a remix of Kimbra’s same-titled track, but it most certainly IS NOT. Different attitude, a little more badass. Ok, ok… a LOT more badass. Just be sure to turn up the bass on some proper speakers.

Running in the Fog – “$ign$”
Available for DOWNLOAD through Soundcloud! (Notice this is the first SC embed I’ve used all playlist?! Serves its purpose SOMEtimes) I’m actually not a fan of the vocal mixing on this track so much, as they remind me too much of the bad ’90s gay club music… but the production, otherwise, rocks!

Lincoln Jesser – “Tops”
Give it a minute… well, 56 seconds, when the beat drops. Goes hard with the right sound system, y’all. Don’t discount those vocals, either! Heavily mod-ed, but it works. Not usually my cup o’ tea, having just straight voice modulation… it’s not for everything! But I feel the vibe here. Good job.

WE ARE TWIN – “The Way We Touch”
FUN! This is prime material for a private underwear dance party for one.

GEMS – “Medusa”
Lofty vocals. You’ll never hit those notes singing in your car, btw. Trust me, I’ve tried… and failed miserably. Reminiscent of an ’80s ballad, and her tone and the refrain reminds me a bit of Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love.” Do you agree?

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “Vapour”
I had to listen several times, because I really, REALLY thought this was another Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver) side project. NO! No, indeed. This is Tim Bettinson from Australia, which is a FAR cry from the icy tundra that is Eau Claire, WI. I dig ambient sounds. I dig his airy vibe. I dig it all. It’s ONE dude producing next level, tasteful tracks. I actually have to liken him more to my personal fave, James Blake. Genius.

Glass Animals – “Pools”
I am your toy………….! Yeah, I can’t add any more. This is Glass Animals. If you don’t like them, you don’t belong here.

Chela – “Romanticise”
This has been out for a bit, and every time I’ve heard it, I’m like “I SHOULD BLOG THAT! sogood.” So I did. Enjoy.

Saint Motel – “My Type”
Kick it up! I have SO much respect for projects that utilize orchestral, latin, and jazz instruments/elements. I mean, this is actual MUSIC, and not just a jam sesh. A/J Jackson is like the modern-day Ricky Ricardo in this track, minus the heavy accent.

Step Rockets – “Kisser”
Decidedly pop, a little innocent, and a lot catchy. This deserves a good Sunday drive with the windows down and warm breeze. So… picture that while you dig your parka out of the closet.

Fickle Friends – “Swim”
Ending Pt. 1 on a high note. When you get told to tune down the humming of this Lily Allen-esque tune whilst toiling in your cubicle, think about me. Thank me. Then keep annoying people with your humming. It’s just going to get stuck in your head. You could do worse! ♥

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