Curated rap underground for your listening pleasure. That’s all you need to know.

Oh, and… this is the first time I’ve had to use Spotify for selected tracks, since Soundcloud is dropping the ball lately. Let’s just be honest… they’re being inconsistent and pissing me off. May be time to make the switch permanently soon. If the embed codes don’t work, please comment and let me know! Kthx.

(Photo cred: Loghry Photography, Austin, TX; Kelley Alba, MUA; Maven, model)

Earl Sweatshirt – “Burgundy”
I can’t even lie here… unless you’re listening to this with a proper soundsystem, you’re not going to hear how amazing this track is. Laptop speakers simply don’t cut it in this case. Or, basically, for any of these tracks. But you CAN get the gist of these soul-searching lyrics. #worthit.

Homeboy Sandman – “Activity (prod. J57)”
I may have found my new favorite producer. Seriously. If you loop this track (which I am not ashamed of, because I simply CANNOT GET ENOUGH of this), the transition is SO SEAMLESS that you just think it’s the same song… and it can be going for a decent half hour before you realize it. IJS. Shit is cleeeeeeeeeean. And the flow? Flawless.

Busdriver – “Ego Death (ft. Aesop Rock and Danny Brown, prod. by Jeremiah Jae)”
I’ve never heard Busdriver before this, but he, Aesop Rock, and Danny Brown are all crazy-distinctive. Now that I’m familiar with Busdriver’s flow, I’m confident I could pick him out of a track he features on anyday. Second flow = Aesop… he almost doesn’t even need that extra shout-out. If you make yourself familiar with his style, you’ll know. And Danny Brown? His flow is prime, but I don’t need to tell you that. Mess goes hard. Damn.

Buckshot & P-Money – “Flute (ft. Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly)”
There’s no need to explain why this is called “Flute”. Fresh and fly, y’all. This is cruising music. Imapala, flecks, and hydraulics optional.

Pharoahe Monch – “Bad MF”
Right from the word “go” this track is all killer. All I can think of is Pulp Fiction, lol… I mean, just imagine Samuel L. Jackson’s face saying, “I’m a bad MF, man!” Dirty track. Filthy. And still so clean.

The Doppelgangaz – “Holla X2”
I love the vinyl vibe they establish right off the bat. It’s got this cool, jazzy, laid back style. That flow ain’t nothin’… Child’s play. Something to cruise to. I’d like to see this become the new Gin & Juice. But that’s probably asking too much. Oh well!

Ka – “You Know It’s About”
Some of these opening speaking samples can really be confusing. I’d say this one is that, for sure. Sure, they tie it in lyrics-wise. I still feel a disjoint, and that’s ok. It’s their vision. Beyond the sample… I feel like this track roams the streets at night, scaring small children. Dark. Way dark. That pain. Gorgeous.

Snootie Wild – “Made Me Remix (ft. Boosie, Jeremih, and K Camp)”
I love me some Jeremih, so anything I see he’s collabo-ed on, I’m all over. He doesn’t mess with crap artists. Hear that? That’s gold. Take it to your lame neighborhood club DJ and school him.

YUNG LEAN – “Ghosttown (ft. Travi$ Scott)”
The Swede and The Texan. (Probably the only time I’ll be happy to make reference to H-Town. Seriously.) Sounds like a Western movie saga, if you ask me. But does it work? Yeah. Now shutup and spread it like wildfire. siiiiiiiik.

Kendrick Lamar – “i”
This single just dropped on 24 September 2014, and it was the PERFECT track to get my week started. If you ever needed a reason to say that you love yourself, just quote this! Shit, you don’t even need therapy!

Now, go forth and SEIZE THE WEEK!

3 comments on “Sifted”

  1. Love the inclusion of ‘i’ on this – I felt like a lot of people were too quick to judge it but it’s a great song.

    • Kendrick Lamar is mondo-talented. Credit where credit is due, yeah?! Thank you for the feedback, it’s much appreciated. Please feel free to share, and stay tuned!- Maven

  2. […] by powerhouse J57, if you’ll recall Homeboy Sandman’s “Activity” on this playlist…) This duo is new to me, and let me just say: I AM IN LOVE. And you will be, too. This is […]

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