In The Now, Pt. 1

… and a few songs that may have slipped by you, unnoticed. 

This is a monster of a playlist, y’all! I’m looking at this list going “AND THIS IS WHY WE DON’T DISAPPEAR FOR A FEW MONTHS!”


However, this shizz is so important to building your new workout, chillout, get-the-hell-out playlist, I can’t keep anything from you until next week or so. Like, you need it NOW. 

So here. Part 1 of 2.

Grimes – “Go” ft. Blood Diamonds
So this track was written by Grimes for Rihanna, and that dumbass turned it down. Blah, blah, blah… you’ll hear it everywhere. Know what? Good for effing Grimes! Here’s a hit that she may not have had otherwise, and even though she is the indie-underground princess, the extra press of the Rihanna-snub only serves to propel her further into the mainstream consciousness. As for your speakers? They’re screwed if you don’t regulate DAT BASS! ❤

Slaptop – “Sunrise”
Well, if you’ve not heard this yet, you’re about to. Everywhere. IMHO, this should be the late-summer anthem for the masses. I may eat my words when I get sick of hearing it at some point, but that’s ok. it’s destined to hit your radiowaves. 

Simian Mobile Disco – “Tangents (Radio Edit)”
IDM, EDM, whatever-the-hell-you-call-it. This is the jam to kick back with a beer and a cigarette (if you smoke) and chill out to. In fact, chuck the “D” out of any of those descriptions… if you’re dancing, you’re not enjoying this fully. Listen. 

Ra Ra Riot – “When I Dream”
Remember those dreamy ’50s duwop ballads? Oh, the feel of this track is SO reminiscent of those! It’s just like a modern day swoon-fest! Don’t you wanna stare up into Wes Miles’ eyes and die a little? Just a little?

Zola Jesus – “Dangerous Days”
I’ll admit… I got the generic vibe just a bit when I first heard this tune. BUT, it grew on me. The hook showcases Nika’s voice, and I love that her vocals are so unique! She’s sort of following in the unconventional footsteps of tUnE-yArDs genius, Merrill Garbus. She’s nowhere near as experimental, but this could be a nice bridge for anyone who’s looking to branch out just a tiny bit. Worth exploring.

Wye Oak – “Glory”
Look, I don’t know how you’ve not heard this until RIGHTNOW, but I feel bad for you. Your life has not been fully enriched up until this point. Chick’s voice is insane… and those lower harmonies… so damn sexy. Anyway, you’re welcome. Or rather, Wye Oak extends their welcome.

Twin Shadow – “To The Top”
Epic ’80s rock + gospel harmony = ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?! Seriously, I wanna crawl into this track and snuggle with it. It’s SOOOOO damn good. Like, I have no intelligible ways to describe this. Insanity. 

Phox – “Slow Motion”
Clarinet. In a highly enjoyable, lyrically and vocally impressive tune. I can’t even.

Milky Chance – “Stolen Dance”
So, I guess the original production of this dude’s highly danceable tune has been floating around the interwebs for some time now, but this remaster is putting him on the map. He is going to blow UP this fall. And you’ve already heard him. Aren’t you awesome?

Ought – “Habit”
What was that I said about the ’80s earlier? I dunno, I’m pretty sure I said something to the effect of “they’re making a comeback!”. Or maybe I didn’t. But they are. Here’s proof. And it’s amazing. BONUS: Constellation Records is so friggin’ NICE that they made this available for download directly from Soundcloud. OMG!

Jamie XX – “Sleep Sound”
Unequivocally my most favorite member of The XX (because what’s-her-face’s voice bugs the crap out of me), I’m always stoked to discover a new track from Jamie Smith. This one is no exception; though, I’m too intrigued by it to let it lull me to sleep.
In fact…………. in Pt.2 , I’ll be including another of his even newer tracks, that wouldn’t upload to my Soundcloud because of copyright stuff. Which is crap, because I’d never claim someone else’s genius as my own. But I’ll save my rant for the Soundcloud peeps.

Saint Pepsi – “Baby”
I’ve posted “Mr. Wonderful” (yep, double meaning intended) before. So……. do I really need to expound on why he’s amazing and why you should listen to him? I mean, if you really need to know… listen to the whole track??? I’ve got too much to type, so you figure it out. 😉

Lxury – “Playground”
Probably the ONLY soundbite of a child or children that doesn’t creep me the hell out, and for obvious reasons. And can we talk about the mesmerizing cover art? Maybe it’s just my obsession with all things holo and oil slick, but… I kinda wanna plaster it all over my walls. IJS.

Hooray for Earth – “Keys”
This NYC-based band (formerly of Boston) has been around for nearly a decade, but this may be their true breakthrough, IMHO. It gets stuck in your head and just kinda rattles around in there. Check out their full-length release when it hits “stands” July 29, 2014!

THUMPERS – “Unkinder (A Tougher Love)”
Brit-Pop artists are great. I love listening to the way they pronounce things, even while singing. I kinda just wanna listen to them all day. And you will, too.

Now… onward to post ¡número dos!


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