Maverick Music Festival 2014 — The Joy Formidable, Washed Out, and Phantogram, OH MY!

Friday night blew my mind. There were no bar tabs run up, no crazy drunken debauchery, just good ol’ fashioned INSANELY awesome music, and me right up front next to the speakers. I was so close I could almost TOUCH the artists!

If I went on and on and on about how awesome this night was on all the different levels, I’d likely write a novel. So instead, how about I share a few videos (from before my phone died and I was relieved I could just watch)?

First up, The Joy Formidable (all 12 seconds):

Seriously, who doesn’t love that adorable frontwoman?!

Next is Washed Out (and the lovely young lady in the red jumper with killer style):

And last, but certainly not least, is PHANTOGRAM:


I, unfortunately, was only able to attend the one night. I heard night two was pretty awesome, as well… and with a bill including Candlebox and YACHT (and SZA, and The Black Angels, PLUS it supported local artists), of course it was! Alas, I am a broke college student on an entry-level salary…

Venue: FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! Simply no bad view. Truly. I was RIGHT UP FRONT, but I honestly didn’t have to be. Those speakers just call my name… and make me deaf. (So worth it.)

Accommodations: ample number of Port-A-Johns, but they ran out of TP. Seriously, guys, thing wasn’t even at capacity. Less booze, more toilet paper. Speaking of…

Booze selection: Not bad! I wasn’t drinking, only had a couple of Sugar Free Red Bulls (great option!) and waters, BUT I noticed that they got Pinnacle flavored vodkas to sponsor. I APPROVE! Their stuff is amazeballs, and I can’t talk enough about my favorite drink: the adult root beer float — featuring Pinnacle Whipped vodka and Diet A&W root beer. OHMAN. You’re welcome.

Pricing: Eh? A

Conclusion: A shining success! More music festivals need to be based in SA. Not to get all boast-y, but I’m-a thinkin’… there may be more info on an event quite similar… in the future…………………… #mystery

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