My Christmas Gift to You…

… and the ears of my heart.  (IJS)

∆∆∆ FAIR WARNING: two of my links are (sadly) not working. Please feel free to access the playlist here or try copying and pasting the links into your browser. Sorry for the inconvenience! ∆∆∆

It’s that time of year, people!

I finally got a minute to breathe (during the busiest season of the year) and decided it’s been wayyyyy too long SINCE I LAST SHARED AWESOMENESS.

Being home alone, accompanied by my kitties and pittie pup, gave me the opportunity to review all I’ve been listening to within the past month, and I’m in a very electronic-inspired time right now. It’s mellow. It’s soothing.  It’s cathartic. BUT, just the same, it can give some much needed motivation during a strenuous workout.
Or whilst waving your fist at someone in a fit of road rage… you know, whatever you’re into.

All you anti-electronic mofos out there, though, take heart: these first 3 are very much so light on the electro, and just heavy on style…

This has been on my radar far too long for me not to have shared with you. Shame on me! So very 80’s inspired… so much so that the cover art for the album “Cupid Deluxe” (if you look this baby up on iTunes, anyhow) is all about the greased and tanned bikini-clad babe. With an animal on her head.
Tasteful synth, nothing that will give you nightmares of perms. Enjoy.

More electronic influence, but with enough lyricism to make up for it. (Granted, this is the most case with actual electronic music, not the techno crap all you anti-electronico lamertons think of right off!)

This may cross the line for some, but this production is just gorgeous. The Weeknd produced a couple of songs on M.I.A.’s recent “Matangi” (see the review here), and we were not fortunate to hear NEAR enough of dude’s voice. Best of both worlds here. I love it so much that I even forgive Jimmy from Degrassi for his encroachment. #getonWeekndslevel

Here’s the electro! Best thing about this remix is that Giorgio Moroder really honored this fantastic original track’s integrity. #thankuforthat That brilliant French robot solidified this one in my playlist tonight. Because now I have to learn French.
(YACHT – “Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire)” won’t embed)
For when you’re in a dystopian mood. (Get it?!) That bish can burn all day with tracks like this, ya feel me?!

OH, get lost in it! I played it, it eventually stopped, but I couldn’t tell you how long it took me to stop staring at the computer in disbelief, so… Seriously, this is pure gold.
(Have I geeked out over the fact that the artist’s name immediately brings to mind Johns Hopkins University? #destiny)

FREE DOWNLOAD?! WHAAAAAT?! Get it, pop it in a sound system with some wicked unforgiving bass, and prepare to have your heart explode. Exceptional band, remixed with some friggin’ JUSTICE!
(James Blake feat. Chance the Rapper “Life Round Here” won’t embed)
I first heard about James Blake a few days ago, while working. Guess what happened? Yeah, I STOPPED WORKING and sat slack-jawed for a while. I Google-stalked him. I actually Direct-messaged him on IG, like a total effing creeper fanatic. GENIUS. GENIUS. GENIUS. And working with Chance the Rapper? Not just music to my ears… music that cuts straight down. OHMAN.

This track doesn’t warrant description. If you don’t like it, you suck. Don’t ever visit this blog again.
For serious.

There ya have it!
Enjoy, be with friends and family, don’t forget the single people in your life (lol).

Comment, like, share.

MOST IMPORTANTLY… and actually on a very serious note: please do remember the Reason for the Season.

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